► Skeletor: October 12, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Lighthouse, Solomons Island – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Battle Creek – Triple L Estate

We met Tony and Suzanne at the Lighthouse for their planned Sunday bar crawl. I had forgotten this weekend is Patuxent River Appreciation Days. Because of that, many festivities were going on, including a parade which we watched assemble in front of the Tiki Bar. As a result, Tony and Suzanne had to park up near the bridge.

2065 women with skeleton jacketAfter one drink at the Lighthouse we went down to our boat to open up the growler of IPA I had purchased yesterday at Ruddy Duck. After enjoying a bit of the IPA growler we talked them into going with us, by boat, to Kingfishers. Mind you – it didn’t take much to persuade them.

We had a lovely time at Kingfishers. Eric came and sat with us. He had participated in the parade and came with glitter still sprinkled all over his face. When he found out Suzanne was a graphic designer he brought out his architect portfolio from his days at the University of Maryland. It was nice to see his work.

2070 skeleton jacketAfter Kingfishers we originally planned to return Tony and Suzanne to their car near the bridge. They decided, however, to ride with us up to Broomes Island. We told them we’d either take them home to Battle Creek or back to their car at Solomons. Either way, we had to go to Broomes for a birthday celebration and therefore could not continue our Solomons crawl.

When we arrived at Broomes Island I made my way towards where our friends were congregated. Along the way I passed a big fellow wearing a cool skeleton motif biker jacket. I told him I liked his jacket. Julie said she had told him the same thing. Soon we had him surrounded with women wanting their photo with him and his cool jacket. I told him that due to the attention he was getting he could probably sell that jacket to one of his buddies watching the antics.

2075 lori cup tataWhile at Broomes I found out more women were slightly sad not to be included in Ted’s Tata book. Lori quickly informed people that even she had been omitted. She then proceeded to create a cleavage that would be “book worthy”.

After a few hours at Stoney’s we needed to take Tony and Suzanne home to Battle Creek. We had a nice ride. I have never been that far into Battle Creek, usually we stop near the mouth where we all beach our boats. Once we dropped them off we headed for home.

2083 lori cup tata julie

Time: 12:40 pm – 7:15 pm
Engine Hrs: 55.5 – 57.3
Conditions: sunny with only slight chill in air
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

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