► Offshore Powerboat Association: October 5, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Patuxent River – the Beach – Len’s Marina, Broomes Island – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Blackstone Marina, Hollywood – Triple L Estate

1640 coast guardToday was the World Championship Off Shore Grand Prix. For some reason the race moved from Key West to Solomons. I wonder why. We again had a fairly windy day, although less windy than yesterday yet quite a bit cooler, especially if you stood in the shade and wind.

1641 coast guardLori and I anchored at the same spot as yesterday. As we waited for the races to begin we attempted to remove the back awning shade. After trying a few different things we often concluded that the design is majorly f-ed up!

During the first race Lori asked why I had anchored so far away from the 1670 plane bridgeactual race course. I explained that we needed to have a shallow area to make sure our anchor set. She then asked shy I let out only the chain. “What?!” I exclaim. She then explained that we had an additional 150 foot of anchor rope. I knew that, but I didn’t know how to get the chain back in the windlass once it paid out. “No,” she continued, “the 1727 angelinawindlass would pull the rope up also.” “WHAT?!” I thought I would have to pull the line up until we reached the chain and then engage the windlass. CRAP!! If I had known that we would have been sooo much closer. Definitely will remember this for next year!

1740 race

1770 race1778 race1785 boats planeAs we waited for the second race I could tell Lori was getting very bored. She regretted not having invited others to join us on our boat. According to her we need to be more social with our boat. Seeing how unhappy she was I suggested we ride over to the Beach to visit with them and watch the race. She was very happy with this idea.

As we approached the pier, Ayva came running over to greet us. I think she really likes our boat. Yet, she’s too shy to actually really talk with us.

1793 elevation

We watched the second race from their pier. As the third race came to a close Lori and I cast off and headed up to Broomes Island to meet the Boyz. Before going to Stoney’s we first stopped at Len’s Marina to fill up. Two fellows stood on the pier and essentially drooled over our boat. I couldn’t help but secretly smile, almost beaming. As we cast off I used the bow thruster in order to turn us around in the tight fuel area maneuver. Ok, I admit it, I did use the thruster not only to maneuver but also to ‘show off.’

We arrived at Stoney’s shortly before 4 pm. It was no surprise that Stoney’s was almost completely dead since everyone was down at Solomons Island to watch the races. We only stayed a little more than an hour.

The Boyz invited us to their house for dinner. Because of our red, starboard side, navigation light being out we decided to go home first, clean up, get Sophie, and drive over by land. On our way home we stopped at Blackstone Marina in Hollywood, in order to pump out the head. We then returned home.

Time: 11:15 am – 6:00 pm
Engine Hrs: 52.8 – 54.5
Conditions: windy, quite cold if in the wind and shade
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

Len’s Marina, Broomes Island
77.2 gallons @ 53.8 hrs (gauge read 73 gallons used)
$ 3.75/ gallon

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