► It’s Like Glass: September 28, 2014


Journey: Bayside Marina, Colonial Beach, VA – Dockside Marina, Colonial Beach, VA – Blackstone Marina, Hollywood, MD – Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

9737 swans9698 house9701 house9705 houseLast night was Sophie’s first night sleeping on the boat. She did a fantastic job and didn’t bother us once during the night. In the morning we left Bayside Marina and first stopped at Dockside Marina in order to fill up on fuel prior to navigating towards home. Once finished we departed Dockside Marina at 12:30 pm. Both the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay had flat water, almost like glass. Sooooo refreshing to finally have smooth water while out on the Bay. We entered the Bay at about 1:45 pm and entered the Patuxent River by 2:30. An amazingly fast journey.

9768 mailbox9749 mailbox9746 mailbox9868 boat

We stopped at Blackstone Marina, at 48.8 hrs, in order to empty the head holding tank. After finishing the pump out we went home to drop off Sophie. She had no interest in going back out again – she had had enough of being on the boat.

0035 st clements island0062 st clements island0162 piney point0250 lighthouse0240 lighthouse0226 lighthouse0340 boatAt about 3:40 we left the house to head up to Broomes for Sunday Funday. En route Lori egged me on to race four boats also heading towards Broomes. I opened it up to 5000 RPM and zoomed right past them and into Island Creek and to Stoney’s. After a short time of talking with people we headed for home. In our creek Lori pointed out a boat behind us that appeared to want to overtake us. Again she says, “I think you can beat them – punch it.” Once I did that they had no chance of catching up with us.

0351 shirt saying

Time: 11:40 am – 3:00 pm; 3:40 pm – 5:20 pm
Engine Hrs: 46.0 – 49.7
Conditions: sunny; flat water
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

Dockside Marina
Ethanol free fuel
54.5. gallons @ 46.3 hrs
$ 4.29/ gallon

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