► The French Girls: September 21, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Wharf, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

4520 gray skyWe had planned on rafting up with Double D in order to watch Solomons Island boat docking contest. They told us they had plans of also rafting up with Taylor’s Island people. Whoever arrived first would then set anchor and reserve our spot.


When we arrived we saw about three boats rafted up, one of them O’Dark 30, but not Double D. We called Double D to determine their estimated time of arrival. They said they hadn’t even left the dock yet. Knowing they had kept the boat at Broomes last night I figured it would be at least 20 minutes, or more, before they arrived. I didn’t want to hover around that long, and I knew Double D planned on rafting up with O’Dark 30, so I slowly cruised towards the raft up and instructed Lori “to make friends.”

We confirmed with them that we belonged with the Double D raft up then came alongside to tie up. Everyone on the boat we tied to was very intrigued with our unique boat, asking many questions and peeking through the doors. We told them Beneteau was a French made boat and our Barracuda was one of the few currently in the States. Later in the afternoon we often heard people referring to us as “The French Girls.”

4530 dorisSoon after securing ourselves to the raft up Double D arrived. I couldn’t believe they had gotten there so fast. I then found out that earlier in the morning they had brought Double D down from Broomes Island which meant when I talked to them they were sitting in their slip at Calvert Marina. Danny at first planned on rafting up to us but then, due to size proportions, we all decided to move our boat out, let Double D raft up, then we returned to raft up with Double D.

Shortly after we again secured ourselves, a somewhat beat up work boat arrived to raft up. I didn’t mind the raft up except they had a number of metal items protruding up on its side posing a potential for major gouging of our boat if precariously rocked. We put out several fenders and they wrapped the protrusions with crappy life vests. Very precarious indeed.

4542 o dark 30Throughout the contest every time I looked to our port side more and more boats were rafted up to us. At one point I counted a total of 14 boats in our raft up. I enjoyed the raft up, except when people crossing through our boat did not show consideration by walking on the floor. Instead, they simply stomped across our nice, new, clean cushions. Excuse me – just because your boat is a piece of crap doesn’t mean I want you to treat my boat like shit. Once I realized the disrespectful behavior I quickly pulled up the cushions and put them away.


4595 moonshine tossAt the end of the raft up the Stoney’s boat came near us in order to say hello. While nearby, Danny decided to throw over a jar of Ted’s favorite moonshine. I was outrageously nervous about this endeavor since it involved a glass jar being thrown to drunk people. To my surprise, and delight, Ted successfully caught the jar. Whew.

Lori and I decided to cruise up to Broomes 4578 crop coverup tatato party with the Stoney’s boat people. We first swung by home in order to pick up Sophie. While at the dock, the neighbor on the other side of the cove came over on his jet ski. He really wants to see our boat, and we promised him we have plans on coming over, but we always are on our way to somewhere.

At Stoney’s I had hoped to see Tommy and Julie, but they were gone before we got there. We stayed at Stoney’s for a short time before finally returning home. Unfortunately I realized too late that my camera is still acting up and I didn’t get any good photos of the actual docking contest. Oh well.

Time: 10:15 am – 7:20 pm
Engine Hrs: 38.6 – 40.1
Conditions: morning started with a sky thick with dark clouds, by late morning the clouds had cleared leaving mostly clear sunny sky
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

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