► Tatas for Ted: September 18, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

8495Tonight was our usual cornhole evening. When we arrived, before I even got off the boat, Ron handed me a “gift” wrapped in protective cushion. I, at first, thought it was a micro-brew bottle of beer. I opened it and saw it was a Mad Elf tap handle. MOST EXCELLENT!!! I had told him last week I had been trying to find one. I was so delighted, and impressed, that he could get one for me.

Earlier this week I had prepared two photo books from the wedding; one, specifically for Ted – “Tatas for Ted”, and the other for both Missy and Ted which held the usual wedding photos. Although I know I missed some, I still think I did a fairly good, thorough, job. Unfortunately Missy wasn’t feeling well and had stayed home. I had wanted to see both her reaction and Ted’s reaction to the books. Oh well.

8860As Ted looked through the Tata book for the first time, many people watched over his shoulder. I found it funny at how many women didn’t think they would be in the book and then a page would flip and they’d say, “I am in the book! I don’t remember that.” Edie was so excited to not only be in the book but that she was the first page (after the introductory photo of Ted’s tata).

8772Before Ted had finished looking he had to play a game so he put the book back in its bag. I was glad I stayed near the bag because at one point someone came up and started to pull the book out. I said, “No, I don’t think anyone should look at the book until Ted gets the opportunity to first finish going through it.” It seemed only fair.

When Ted’s game ended he returned to his tata book and started all over again from the beginning. Everyone standing around tried to also identify which tatas belonged to which woman. There were two different photos that people thought might be Jill’s. When they couldn’t find Jill they called her husband over to confirm which set of tatas belonged to her. Even he wasn’t sure. Not until Jill returned did we finally have confirmation.

8726As Jen looked through the book, her teenage daughter stood next to her asking, “Are you in the book, Mom?” “No, I don’t think so.” I smiled, knowing that she was included. A few page flips later she said, “Oh, yes, I am in the book – that’s me.” I looked and saw she had identified the wrong tatas as hers. I promptly informed her of her error. So she again told her daughter, “I guess I’m not in the book.” A few more page flips and she definitely said, “THAT is me.” I said, “Yes, and notice Travis is helping you by cupping them and pushing them together.” She said, “Those aren’t Travis’ hands. Whose hands are they?”

8737So many people LOVED the tata book and thought it was the best idea ever. We told Ted that this can be a scavenger hunt for him. He has to identify the tata and then get it confirmed and initialized by each woman. After Jen’s comment about it not being Travis’ hands we then said the next scavenger hunt is to determine whose hands are providing tata uplift. Having placed the final photos of the hairy chested men’s tatas cracked everyone up. A fitting end to the tata book.

Time: 5:10 pm – 9:30 pm
Engine Hrs: 35.6 – 36.5
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

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