► Cove Point Lighthouse: September 13, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Cove Point Lighthouse – Vera’s White Sands – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Patuxent River – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

8869 jo nancy cove pt lighthouseWe decided to take Jo and Nancy up to Cove Point to show them a working lighthouse on the Bay. This also gave them a peek into what the Chesapeake Bay was like. The tour also included looking at the houses sitting precariously along the cliffs, and the fish traps/ runs put out by the watermen. Since I didn’t see the three fire boats at Solomons yesterday, I hoped we might see them at Cove Point fueling station area. No luck. Actually, we didn’t see any large vessels out on the Bay.

8871 fish trap8876 cliff houses8875 cove pt lighthouseWhile returning to the Patuxent we got a message from the Boyz, who also had Rick and Eddie with them, wanting us to meet them at Vera’s White Sands. Rick really wanted to see our boat. Since we didn’t have Sophie, we agreed to meet them. It was nice to show Jo and Nancy a new “creek”, St. Leonards Creek, and add to the tour of the area attractions – Vera’s house.

During lunch we saw the small sea plane cruising low to the water as it passed by Vera’s, going up river. This is the same sea plane I had seen earlier this summer on my way to Broomes. (see July 11, 2014) Shortly after passing out of view it returned, now flying down river. It did finally land down river from Vera’s.

8891 sea plane8899 sea plane boat8909 sea plane land

8913 overcast heading to broomes8916 overcastpilot house rain

8964 rain aheadWhile eating it began to rain – significantly. Fortunately, as we prepared to leave the rain had let up so we could make our way to the boat without getting soaked. We agreed to meet the Boyz at Broomes. On our way down St. Leonards Creek it began to rain, lightly, but by the time we got to the Patuxent River it became significantly gray overcast accompanied with a downpour of rain. The nice thing about the pilot house is we stayed very dry and warm, yet had decent visibility. The Boyz, on the other hand, got pelted with rain. Especially Barry, as the captain, he couldn’t go below decks to escape the weather.

As we headed up river to Broomes it was difficult to see the nearby shoreline. When we arrived at Broomes, however, the rain had again ended. When the Boyz arrived, after going home to get jackets, I took Rick and Eddie out for a ride on the boat. Rick is just chomping at the bit for an opportunity to drive it. He “touched” the wheel for about 5 seconds and considered that qualified as having driven the boat.

8924 crab malletsmenu8937 cornhole boardFortunately, the day began to clear by late afternoon which meant the wedding scheduled for the evening at Broomes would have good weather. It was surprising how nice the wedding had 8949 boat bar decordecorated the tent and boat bar. Very nautically themed AND had personalized cornhole boards for the wedding.

We left fairly early as Lori had crabs at home she wanted to cook for Jo and Nancy.

8984 sky9003 skysunset 2

Time: 11:20 am – 5:00 pm Engine Hrs: 30.6 – 33.5
Conditions: overcast, heavy rain in mid afternoon
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9
Jo, Nancy, Lori, me


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