► Rough Rider: September 5, 2014


Journey: Annapolis Yacht Sales, Annapolis – Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons Island– Triple L Estate

7536 harbor masterWe drove up to Annapolis to pick up the boat after its 20 hour service, as well as a number of other items that needed to be addressed. We packed bedding and a change of clothes in case we were unable to leave Annapolis, or needed to stop along the way. They have been calling for high winds, scattered storms, and rough water. When I told Lori we might encounter rough seas she said, “So, that’s what this boat was built for.”

7544 wood yachtWe finally got possession of the boat at around 1 pm. Lori and I loaded up our gear and prepared for departure. I turned on the key, pushed the port engine button, heard a lot of whirring and clicking, but it would not start. I tried the starboard engine and it started. I tried the port engine again, and again only whirring and clicking. We called Fred right away to come back down to the boat.

Although I wasn’t happy about the port engine not starting, I was glad it also didn’t start when Fried tried. He then told us to plug the boat back into the ship-to-shore outlet. Once we did the port engine started. He suspects the Lowrance radio system had been on too long and drained the battery. He then instructed me to watch the battery voltage reading as we traveled down the Bay to make sure they stayed within 0.2 volts of each other.

7553 annapolis bay bridgeWe finally departed at 2 pm. They had parked the boat between two much MUCH larger vessels. I told Lori, “If I were a man I might feel a bit emasculated.” Thank goodness for the bow thruster because we only had about a foot, bow and stern, between us and the two vessels. As we 7565 yp692 shipapproached the Bay I noticed a Navy-like ship also leaving Annapolis. I was hoping it, too, would be heading south. If so, I wanted to ride in its wake for a smoother ride. No such luck.

Entering the Bay I was surprised, and 7591 coast guarddelighted, that it seemed rather smooth. EXCELLENT! We headed south towards home. Unfortunately, the Bay became rougher and rougher the further south we traveled. For over half our journey we encountered 3 to 4+ foot waves. Worse, we were heading dead into the waves. We often had waves splashing over the entire boat. It was the roughest ride we have ever experienced. We passed a couple of larger 7610 thomas pt lighthousetrawlers along the way, also heading south. They, too, looked to be having a hard time at it.

7640 lori7639 crane bargeMany times Lori had to sit down on the bench seat as the constant pounding affected her knees. My “Little Tykes” step stool also took a beating. By the end of the journey the top had caved inwards. We were soooo very happy to finally spot the fueling station on the horizon as it meant we were quite close to home. As we passed Cove Point and neared Chesapeake Ranch 7641 cargo shipEstates area we saw localized rainstorms along the shoreline. As we neared the Patuxent River we did encounter some light rain.

7658 rain clouds7668 sun beams

7678 fish trap calvert co rain

7697 drum point

7714 jetGetting into the Patuxent River was …. exciting. With the turn towards Drum Point we now took a beating from the waves on our port side. It did toss us around a bit. What a relief when we finally passed Drum Point and entered the Patuxent River, three hours after our departure. We went immediately to Solomons Island to top up on fuel. We actually had a bit of difficulty docking at Solomons Yachting Center as the wind wanted to whip us around. With help from the dock hand we finally secured the boat and could begin fueling. After fueling we finally made it home.

7783 kogel sunset

Time: 2 pm – 5:45 pm
Engine Hrs.: 24.0 – 27.5
Conditions: ROUGH SEAS; wind, and waves, from the south
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat, Beneteau Barracuda 9

Solomons Yachting Center
30.5 gallons @ 27.1 hrs
$3.80/ gallon

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