► Smoke on the Water: August 17, 2014

Sunday 17 August 2014

Journey: Journey 1: Triple L Estate – Spring Cove, Solomons – Triple L Estate
Journey 2: Triple L Estate – Charles Street Brassiere, Solomons Island – the Beach – Buzz and Carol’s Point of View – Triple L Estate – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: Journey 1: 10:00 am – 11:15 am; Journey 2: 12:45 pm – 8:00 pm
Engine Hrs.: Journey 1: 16.4 – 17.5; Journey 2: 17.5 – 19.1
Conditions: cool, intermittent clouds, fairly smooth water
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat, Beneteau Barracuda 9

Fuel: 36.3 gallons at 17.0 hours

post 6980 house fire

We didn’t really have plans for the day but I knew I wanted to fill up on fuel before I leave the country tomorrow. On the way down Cuckold Creek we noticed the house with the new floating dock was on fire with lots of firefighters on land and a few rescue boats at the dock. As we expected, they were doing a controlled burn and providing the firefighters with training. There were a number of boats hanging around watching the activity.

7004 house fireWe decided to go to Spring Cove Marina as they usually have significantly lower fuel prices on the water. To our surprise Solomons Yachting Center had lowered its prices to less than Spring Cove. We decided to fuel at Spring Cove anyway because they accept the credit card which currently has special cash back on all gas purchases.

After fueling we returned to home.

The Boyz came over to our house, by boat, in order to go out for lunch. They wanted to ride on our new boat so they left their boat tied to our dock. As a change of pace, for them, we suggested Charles Street Brassiere. They both very much enjoyed their meals and said they would eat there again.

7041 the beachAfter lunch we stopped by the Beach, briefly, in order to show P and C our new boat. Not wanting to encroach on their Sunday family time, we stayed only a short time before we heading home. As we approached our cove Lori noticed that Coastal Spirits had returned from their weekend trip to St. Michaels. Lori essentially begged me to stop, so we did. I think she wanted to show them our new boat. B felt very uncomfortable as they had their kids and grandchildren visiting. Although we tried to convince him otherwise, he felt as though we were imposing on private family time.

From Point of View we returned to Triple L Estate to drop of the Boyz and pick up Sophie. Earlier in the morning Lori and I had put her life vest on and tried to coax her onto the boat for the first time. Eventually we more or less tossed her in the boat like a piece of luggage.

7037 house fireOnce we had Sophie on board we headed up to Broomes Island to meet up with the Boyz. By this time I was exhausted and would have been happy to stay home. I agreed to go since it would be my last Sunday for a few weeks. I also wanted to make sure I gave Jeannie the pictures I took from Thursday’s Hospice Luau.

When we arrived at Broomes I began docking, stern first. Somehow or other – wind, wake, I don’t know – I got pushed off my mark and became a bit discombobulated. I had to abort that effort, call it a mulligan, and start all over again. Fortunately, the second time worked out just fine.

I went up to the bar and got a flash drive from Jeannie. I had remembered to bring my computer and transferred the photos. After returning the flash drive I realized I was exhausted and returned to the boat to lay down. Lori was long gone. I figured she was down listening to the band or playing cornhole.

At around 6:30 or 7 o’clock I heard people on the dock and then board our boat. It was B bringing Mary over for a tour of the new boat. By this time I noticed sunset approaching and tried to call Lori. Unfortunately I heard her phone ringing on the boat. Great. I looked over towards the boat bar and see her with B nearby. I called B and asked to talk to Lori. She answered immediately saying, “I am on my way right now.” I found this hard to believe since I saw her standing at the boat bar. She did hustle on over, though, and we soon departed.

Just as we left the slip Lori, fortunately, went to the bow to sit with Sophie. As she turned to sit she noticed a phone sitting on the seat. I knew right away it belonged to Mary. We made our way over to the boat bar bulkhead and saw Edie waving hello. We yelled for her to come over as I nudged the boat close enough for a safe hand over of the phone asking her to please return it to Mary. As we pulled away from the bulkhead we saw Mary running over – frantically waving. We let her know who had her phone, much to her relief.

We cruised home and pulled in just as the sun set.

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