► Getting Lei’d: August 14, 2014

Thursday 14 August 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 5:40 pm – 11:30 pm
Engine Hrs.: 13.6 – 14.7
Conditions: threat of storms, cloudy, light rain
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat, Beneteau Barracuda 9

6674 stormy sky6677 stormy sky

Jeannie had called us earlier in the week to invite us to a Hospice Fundraiser at Broomes Island as her VIP guests. Of course we accepted. I found it surprising that we had not seen anything really announcing the event. One reason for inviting us – she wanted a chance to party with us. She also said it only made sense to invite us since we’re at Broomes all the time.

6690 jeannieA light rain had started to fall when we left the house. Now with a pilot house for shelter a light rain is no big deal. Jeannie said she would set aside a slip for us and asked which one we wanted. Lori told her our first choice is the inside bulkhead wall. When we arrived we saw a smaller boat pulling up to what I thought would be our space. Jeannie stood at a nearby table handing out passes so we asked her where to park as the remaining inside bulkhead had a reserved sign posted for someone else. Jeannie told us to go ahead and park in that area. Fortunately we have been having high tides otherwise we would not have been able to park behind the other boat.

6695 boat barOnce on land we asked Jeannie what we had to do. She simply told us to put on these green bracelet bands and enjoy.

6772 marty debbie lantern6740 lantern6793 lori lantern6804 lantern

6760 lantern

They had paper lantern balloons available, for a donation, so Lori and I purchased three – one for Lori’s mom, one for Lori’s Aunt Mary Lou, and one for Ann. Lori also made a sizeable donation to hospice – at least for us it is a sizeable donation. Hospice is one of the few organizations we are more than willing to support.

6737 jeannie band fellow

6731 dining

A decent band played and a nice buffet of food had been set out. I even liked the buffet as it had a great deal of non-seafood choices – what a nice change.

6704 jeannieOnce Jeannie finished with organizing the arrival of participants she was free to mingle… which meant she was in party mode, and party she did. At one point in the evening Jeannie came to tell us a great story. Jason, our friend Joe’s eldest son, had arrived and went to Jeannie asking, “What are the names of your gay friends?” Throwing out random names Jeannie replied, “Ricky and Bobby.” “No, the gay girls,” he clarifies. “Oh, you mean Lori and Kristine.” “Yes, but which one is which?” he asked. Jeannie quickly quipped, “You have 6700 marty debbie theresa ron doris dannyto figure that out on your own, you jackass.” Phil piped in, “I know.” I crack up laughing that Phil now not only knows our names but which one is which.

6711 double rainbowThroughout the evening we could see that down river Hollywood and Solomons was getting hit with rain, but nothing at Broomes. At one point we saw a double rainbow where the outer rainbow looked to be falling onto our house.

6748 dannie debbie dorisWhile talking with Debbie and Marty they indicated to their friend standing at the table and said, “You should know him, he’s one of your county representatives.” He introduced himself as Dan Morris. I asked if he had driven here. No, he had come by boat so I asked which one. He pointed to the dock which juts out from the restaurant where Phil and Jeannie’s boat sat. “Oh, you came on the Stoney’s boat,” I say. He chuckled and said no, he had come on the boat that’s hidden on the other side of the Stoney’s boat. “Oh, you came with John and Judy on Attitude Adjustment.” I think he may have been slightly surprised that I 6723 ted julie jeannieknew the boat, and the owners. He then asked if I had come by boat. I said yes and he asked which one. I pointed to our boat sitting near to us on the wall. His eyebrows shot up a bit in surprise and commented that he had noticed our boat as we were coming in. I think he was impressed.

6702 sandy6824 dancingUnbeknownst to us, when we arrived we had received the magic color bracelet band – green. Green bands drank free all night vs orange bracelet bands which only had a two hour window of free drinks. That was really nice of Jeannie. Even though we had unlimited alcohol, neither one of us went crazy on drinks since we both knew we still had to make our way home, by boat, in the 6814 dancingdark.

We ended up staying much MUCH later than I originally expected. There were so many people we knew and talked to (I guess that is no surprise). We ended up dancing, chatting, and drinking. Before leaving the house I thought we’d go, have a few drinks, stay for a few hours, and go home. Instead, if we had known, we 6829 moonwould have brought Sophie, left her either at Julie’s or Sandy’s house, and planned on spending the night at Broomes. That would have been a serious party as Phil and Jeannie planned on staying the night on their boat, also.

If we are invited back next year we will definitely plan on spending the night.

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