► Expert Assistance: August 11, 2014

Monday 11 August 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Blackstone Marina – Calvert Marina – Spring Cove Marina – Triple L Estate

6625 pier boatTime: 12:00 noon – 5:30 pm
Engine Hrs.: 11.5 – 12.7
Conditions: windy
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat, Beneteau Barracuda9
Me and Lori

Spring Cove Marina
45.9 gallons @ 12.2 hrs
GGE kristine stephanie lori

We had just left our little cove when we realized we had left the captains bag in the house which had the VHF radio in it. We returned to our pier in order for Lori to run up and grab these things. September Song had asked that we hail them on the VHF in order for them to check their systems.

Prior to going to Calvert Marina in order to show Bob and Stephanie our new boat we first stopped at Blackstone Marina in order to pump out our head, since it had been well used in the past two days.

bob stephanie anchorOnce at September Song we told them our story of our first night on the Chester River, and running out of gas. They asked what we thought about anchoring out. Lori said it was fine, but we didn’t know how much anchor we had dropped. Right away they said they know how to take care of that. We proceeded to lay the entire anchor chain out along the floating pier. and determined we have about 75 feet of chain. It’s a good thing we did that because towards the end the chain and rope were all twisted. We pulled out the rope and realized we had an outrageous amount of rope. Bob and Stephanie said even they wouldn’t need that much line for September Song.

We first marked the anchor line with colored zip tie at 25 ft (blue), 40 feet (green), 50 feet (yellow) and near the end (pink). We then undid the anchor line to untwist the line. Next we measured out a length of line approximately equal to twice the length of the boat and cut it. We were very happy to have Bob and Stephanie’s expertise and knowledge assisting us.

6638 bob stephanieOnce finished, we sat in September Song talking. Stephanie said our boat would be the perfect boat for the Keys. She recommend we bring it down and play in the Keys for a month or so.

I mentioned that I would like to someday go to Baltimore. Stephanie immediately recommended Henderson Wharf in Fell’s Point. I also mentioned Wye River is a place 6639 boatI’d like to explore. She LOVES Wye River. She recommended: Wye River East, Pickering Creek near the Audabon Center, and Wye Neck/ Wye Narrows which has a beach.

6642 september song6646 jet6650 boatAfter visiting them we went to Spring Cove Marina to fill on fuel to start getting an idea of just how much gas we are burning.

6667 stormy skyAs we left Spring Cove Marina we decided to captain from the flybridge. Even though it was quite windy, and felt as though a storm may be approaching, the ride still felt rather smooth from the flybridge.

weather map

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