► Running Down the Bay: August 10, 2014

Sunday 10 August 2014

Journey: Rolph’s Wharf – Rock Hall – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm
Engine Hrs.: 6.1 – 11.5
Conditions: sunny, waves 2+ foot between Annapolis to near North Beach, flat water from about North Beach to Cove Point Lighthouse, waves 1 foot from Cove Point Lighthouse to Patuxent River
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat, Beneteau Barracuda 9

Fuel at North Point Marina, Rock Hall
21.4 gallons @ 7.7 hrs

Leave Rock Hall at 1:17 pm arrive Patuxent River at 4:00 pm
Arrive Broomes at 11.0 hrs

kristine zach flybridgeWe got a late start this morning. I wasn’t feeling very peppy this morning due to getting a bit too happy yesterday. I felt much better once Lori brought me a Malibu Rum and pineapple juice. Aaaahh, hair of the dog that bit me.

When Zachary and Karen arrived with the kids we loaded up and took off for Rock Hall. Zachary and I sat on the flybridge while everyone else rode down on decks. Greyson ended up eating all the remaining powdered donuts he hadn’t eaten yesterday, leaving nice white powder ground into our cushions. During the ride both kids went down below and fell asleep.

6318 graysen6319 ayla

greyson donut monster

post 6320 wakeboard boat6325 zachary lori

6328 buyboat pruittWhen we arrived at Rock Hall Zachary had us drop them off at the Harbor Shack. Greyson woke up crying, “I want a bigger boat! I want a bigger boat!” Too funny. Once we dropped them off we went over to North Point Marina to again fill up on fuel for our journey down the Bay. Not having a functioning fuel guage, AND having run out of fuel, has made us a great deal more cautious.

6335 bay bridgeWe had fairly rough water going through the Annapolis area on down to almost North Beach. From North Beach to Cove Point Lighthouse we had gloriously flat water. Love being on the Bay during flat water.

6352 ship

6355 thomas pt lighthouse6386 cargo tow6420 ship6471 ship6513 ship6549 ship with boats6586 ship with boatsWe left Rock Hall at 1:17 pm and made it to the Patuxent at around 4:00. We were stunned at the number of boats out on the water. We felt like we were on the beltway as we rounded Point Patience dodging boats from all directions. We passed by the channel leading towards home and went directly to Stoney’s, Broomes Island as we knew a lot of our friends would be there for Sunday Funday.

At Broomes, I did fine pulling into a slip. A few people came out to “help” with tying up lines which actually caused more problems than help. What, actually, was the problem is someone grabbed a line off the boat without telling me so when I tried to make a maneuver I couldn’t understand why the boat wasn’t responding correctly until I saw the line wrapped around a piling. But even with that we did get tied up.

lori kristineShortly after arrival Barry and Eric, along with a group of people, arrived with a bottle of champagne and glasses at which point a small party erupted on our boat. The remainder of the afternoon consisted of me trying to walk up to the bar only to turn around to give a new group of friends a tour of Gurlz Gotta Eat.

While on the pier I see a 340 SeaRay Sundancer coming into the slip next to ours BOW FORWARD. I asked if they would like assistance with lines. No one on board said anything. I again asked. The woman looked at the man at the helm and he said nothing. Finally she said sure. She handed me a bow line I hooked it to a piling asking, is this ok. Again, no response. I figured if they’re not going to bother talking I’m not going to bother helping… since they were in their slip and wouldn’t damage my vessel.

Later Ted and Eric came out to look at the boat. The Sundancer’s bow was so far forward that it was hitting against the dock. Eric saw how the guy had tied up and said, “We have to help him tie up.” He actually got on the boat and started asking the guy if he had extra lines. As Eric tried to tie up his stern, and I held the bow, the guy did absolutely nothing. We did the best we could, but eventually gave up trying to make it perfect since the guy just stood there in a daze. When Jeff came out and saw the slack lines and bow hitting the boat he wanted to help him. We told him to get on the boat and not even bother. It took a while for Jeff to grasp this concept, but finally he walked over to us and got on the boat.

By late afternoon/ early evening I was so very tired… after all we have had a very big weekend. As we left I could hear Ted essentially mocking the Sundancer saying, “Look at that, a woman is at the helm and able to handle that boat better.”

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