► Last Whoo-raahhh: July 25, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – Len’s Marina – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate
Time: 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Engine Hrs.: 128.4 – 129.7
Conditions: sunny
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Jordan, Lori, Sophie and me
11.6 gallons @ 129.0 hrs
$3.99/ gallon = $46.42

5702 jordan loriWe had not planned on going to Stoney’s so early in the afternoon but Stephen and Martha called to say they’d be there in the late afternoon. Since it’s always nice to see them, and Jordan had not yet met them, our evening began early.

When Martha and Stephen left, Jordan and I hopped on the boat in order to run over to Len’s Marina to top up on fuel. Usually it takes a few quick minutes to top up, but instead it was rush hour at Len’s. Two boats had already lined up for fueling. One, a small fishing boat, wouldn’t need post 5714 boat name one more timemuch fuel and therefore would not take a lot of time. The second, large, boat had the potential of taking a lot of time fueling.

I considered leaving and wait until another time to top up – but I was led to believe we’d go before the big boat since we’d only need a small bit of gas. Thinking we wouldn’t have to wait, I tied up. Unfortunately, I was post 5732 marty debbienot given the opportunity to fuel before the big boat. Had I known, I would not have tied up. On the bright side, the big boat didn’t take nearly as long as I feared.

After fueling, we returned to Stoney’s for Jordan’s last Friday whoo- raahhh. Jordan did behave himself since he wanted to get on the road at a decent time the next morning.

5717 eric jordan








5745 fireWe had Jordan captain on the way home to give him more experience with night time navigation. As we left we noticed a huge fire along the shoreline. We, at first, worried a house may be on fire. Upon closer inspection we saw it was a bon fire that may or not have someone tending it.

We had a clear chilly night with flat water. Because of that we did not put on our vests … although we probably should have since our “rule” is to wear vests after dusk. At one point I said, “Do you see that boat over there?” “I do now,” Jordan responded. This further demonstrates why we 5748 lori jordanalways point boats out to each other as we travel the waterways.
As we approached Blackstone marina we saw the po-po out on the water. I was a bit surprised about this as usually they’re not out so late except for special occasions – like July 4th. Although all of our vests were in view, and we were legal, when I saw the po-po I regretted not having put on vests.


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