► A Fool Problem: July 20, 2014

Sunday 20 July 2014

Journey: the Boyz’ House – Len’s Marina – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate
Time: 9:10 am – 10:40 am, 2:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Engine Hrs.: 126.1 – 126.8 hrs; 126.8 – 127.7 hrs
Vessel: 23’ Seaway

add 10 gallons at the Boyz’ house
18.7 gallons at 126.3 hrs.
$3.99/ gallon for a total of $74.80

5359 sky5360 skyMorning:
Having slept at the Boyz’ house last night we woke up early and drove the Mercedes to our house to get fuel cans and a tool box to hopefully fix the boat. We let Jordan drive the Mercedes back to the Boyz’ while we drove the truck to pick up 10 gallons of gas before returning to the Boyz’ house. Once we put the gas in, the boat started right up with no problem. Jordan drove the truck home while we cast off. We went immediately to Len’s Marina to fill the gas tank completely – hoping that the problems we had last night really was only fuel related.

5369 september song5372 september songAt Len’s we put in another almost 19 gallons of gas!! This meant a total of 29 gallons added. That’s quite significant since it’s only a 32 gallon tank. While at Len’s we picked up some coffee and donuts then decided to swing by September Song. They were up, moving September Song’s position. They waved us to come over – they wanted to hear what happened because when they last saw us we were headed home. I simply shook my head and told them, “It’s not a pretty story.”

5391 september song bobWe waited until they had finished securing September Song, which we found extremely amusing. Stephanie and Bob sounded just like me and Lori. In a way it felt a bit comforting. We sat on the stern patio area and shared our story. Surprisingly, they didn’t say anything to mock our/ my foolishness of running out of gas. When I did say we had a fuel problem Stephanie laughed and asked, “Was it a fuel problem or a fool problem?”

For lunch Jordan made a fantastic lunch for us and the Boyz. When we were ready to go to 5439 jordan eric barryBroomes I asked Jordan if he’d like to ride with them on their big boat. He did.

5514 lori jordan eric5505 lori jordan eric bob stephanieAfternoon:
We went up to Stoney’s not just for our usual Sunday afternoon but also because I knew Bob and Stephanie would be there to listen to Bil Krauss perform. When we arrived a lot of people, even Jeannie, gave us a hard time about running out of gas. I told her, “We didn’t run out of gas, we simply ran out of a way to access the gas we had.” Lori pointed out that technically we 5520 bil chicken mabdidn’t run out of gas since we didn’t get towed and made it to a port under our own steam.

I had a good time talking with Bob and Stephanie. Throughout Bil’s performance, if couples walked by he’d have them kiss. At one point I loudly proclaimed, “I don’t know why they feel like they have to flaunt their heterosexuality in public!” Eric wanted to go up and kiss so I walked up with him. I bent him backwards over my arm and kissed him a-la WWII photo.

5523 bil chicken man







5544 lori kristine

5548 eric kiss jordan5578 bil lori5579 bil lori


5587 bil loriTowards the end of Bil’s performance, Lori somehow (not surprisingly) ended up on stage with him. Rather than do any actual singing, they ended up having a pretty funny bantering exchange. A few different times Ernie told me I needed to go get my wife. I looked up to the stage and said, “No, she still has all her clothes on so she’s fine.”

5561 september sonI joined Ted for a walk-about. I asked him, “Did you see that huge boat tied up on the dock?” He hadn’t noticed as he had just arrived. He saw a sliver of the ‘boat’ through the trees and said, “Wow, you could take that on the intercoastal.” We walked around the wall and as he started to see the entire yacht he exclaimed, “Holy crap! That’s an ocean going size. How many do you think it sleeps? 12?” I told him I could confirm that it has two staterooms, each with their own private head. As it’s registered in Delaware he imagined the yacht had just come from there. I said, “No, I can confirm that it came up the intercoastal from down south.” I never told him that they’re our friends and we spent time on that yacht. It’s kinda fun playing with people.

5596 waltWhen Bil finished playing, Stephanie and Bob ordered some food and we went to have a few drinks on September Song. I invited Walt to come join us, since he was Bob’s partner last night. He came up to the fly bridge, where we were sitting, briefly but had to quickly scoot home since the sun was setting and he was on his jet ski. Yep, we’ve done that illegal race for hom on a few occasions. A little later Ted stopped by to say hi.

It was getting quite late and we needed to go home since Sophie was alone and had not been fed. If we had known we’d be out so late we would have brought her along.

We had a lovely, mostly flat water, ride home. I was happy I brought a light jacket to wear as it had turned rather chilly.

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