► Rescue Me: July 19, 2014

Saturday 19 July 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – the Boyz’ house

Time: 5:55 pm – 10:30 pm
Engine Hrs.: 125.2 – 126.1
Vessel: 23’ Seaway

We spent the morning and early afternoon in Kent Island to watch the Cocktail Class Wooden Boat races, and collect intel. In the late afternoon I got a message from Bob saying they had been drinking rum all afternoon at Broomes for some sort of promotional event… and he needed rescuing. (yeah, I’m sure he needed to be rescued from himself)

5005 racing

5031 racing

5067 racer

5070 racer

5084 racing

5117 racing

5148 racing

5169 racing

5176 racing

5187 racing

5205 racing

5211 racing

5216 racing

5276 racing

5285 racing

5291 racing

5306 racing

5308 boats

Once we returned home, Lori and I headed up to Broomes. As we entered Cuckold Creek Lori at first thought an anchored boat was the Beneteau. Although it looked a bit like it, we saw that it was actually a Silverton. Nice looking either way.

5317 boatThe Boyz had already arrived by the time we got there and sat on their boat drinking. I went over to September Song to invite Bob and Stephanie to join us. Bob was up but Stephanie was in the state rom, down for the count. Bob showed me all the sway they had gotten during the afternoon – 5324 september songsunglasses, rocking chair shot glass holders, bandanas, and a poster. He offered to share, but I only took a bandana. If I wore contacts I would have snapped up a pair of the sunglasses.

Bob mixed himself a drink and we walked back to Who Ray IV. About this time Adam showed up with his new girlfriend. (I wish 5331 september sonhe would find someone closer to his age, not his grandmother’s age AND someone who actively assisted on the boat, especially while docking.) Adam was a bit befuddled because after launching he noticed the RPM would rev-up for no apparent reason. Lori chastised him saying, “If you noticed this at the ramp after launching you should have immediately put it back on the trailer, NOT go out some place over post 5339 wood boathalf hour, almost an perfectionhour, away!”

We then went to the bar for a drink since B felt bad about sitting in the boat at the dock drinking. 5350 bob travis cornholeFinally, we then went to Sandy’s party to celebrate July birthdays. We introduced Bob around to the various cast of characters. I noticed Lori and Pam simply throwing bags on one of the cornhole boards so I corralled Bob and Edie to play against them. The game seemed never ending. At one point Tom observed, “No wonder these games are taking so long, there’s no scoreboard to help keep score.” Bob must have really enjoyed himself because he then asked Walt to be his partner as Edie didn’t care to play another game.

We stayed at the party until well after dark. When we left we walked Bob to September Song. To our surprise Stephanie was awake and functional so we went inside to chat. At one point a young fellow calls from the dock, “Excuse me ladies,” as he could only see me and Stephanie. Bob stepped out to the transom to see what they wanted. They asked Bob if he might have some jumper cables as their boat would not start. Bob opened a back hatch to crawl down to “the basement” and retrieve some cables.

The fellow went away, but Bob left the hatch open. A bit later a young blond lady came onto the boat, holding the cables, asking if they were ours. We could see the young fellow’s head popping up over her shoulder trying to get a look inside. Yep, send the pretty lady to the door and maybe get an invite. Bob simply took the cables and they scurried along their way.

We finally decided we should think about going home. The Boyz happen to be leaving at the same time. As we motored pass September Song Bob gave a send off horn honk for each of us. As we left Island Creek I noticed how very dark it seemed; no helpful moon light for us.

When I accelerated towards home, the boat began to stutter and threatened to stall. We thought, “Oh no, we should head towards the Boyz house as it’s close.” When I turned up river, thought, the boat seemed to start running fine. Hum, maybe the stutter was only a fluke. I turned towards home and again the boat stuttered. At this point we decided to go to the Boyz’ house since 1) they are close, 2) it was so dark, and 3) it looked like storm and rain clouds over Calvert County which seemed to be approaching us. Since we knew they had their boat out we called the Boyz to tell them we were having trouble, we were heading to their house, and we may need rescuing.

We are NOT AT ALL familiar with finding their house at night. We ended up being at the wrong end of Hollywood Shores searching for them. As Lori talked with them on the phone, asking if they see us flashing our spot at them on shore. No. Did we see their stern light flashing. No. then he says, “Wait, I see you. You’re coming directly at our pier.” “No we’re not.” “Yes, you are. I see your bow lights. You’re coming right at us.” Since our line of travel paralled shoreline we knew it wasn’t us. We did see the boat they were talking about – their neighbors stopping by to visit.

We made our way, under our own steam, to their house. We didn’t know what was wrong with the boat, but being out of gas was one possibility. We called Swamp Boy to come pick us up, he didn’t answer. We could have taken one of the Boyz’ vehicles, but neither of us wanted to drive so we decided to spend the night at their house.

As we sat around the beach bonfire, B said, “I will be comforted to know that someone of your caliber could actually run out of gas.” Hum, someone of my caliber. Nice compliment, I think.

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