► Dee of St. Mary’s: July 17, 2014


Journey 1: Triple L Estate – Spring Cove Marina – September Song, Calvert Marina – Triple L Estate
Journey 2: Triple L Estate – September Song, Calvert Marina – Triple L Estate

Time: 5:05 pm – 10:20 pm Engine Hrs.: 121.0 – 124.5
Conditions: cool in the evening Vessel: 23’ Seaway
7.3 gallons @ 121.5 hrs
$3.89/ gallon = $28.46

4615 towingWe had invited Bob and Stephanie over for dinner and I offered to pick them up on the boat so they could see where we live by water. Also, I would almost always choose traveling by boat than by car.

Since I was a bit earlier than expected, and was in the neighborhood, I decided to top up on fuel. I then headed over to September Song.

As we rounded the tip of Solomons Island we saw the Dee of St. Mary’s heading up river under sail. WAAAYYY COOOLLLL!!!! A beautiful site indeed.

4655 dee st marys4671 dee st marys


Lori prepared a delightful meal.

Late in the evening Jordan and I took Bob and Stephanie back to September Song. Jordan captained the entire way. He was a bit nervous having to dock between the large NOAA vessel and the HUGE September Song. I knew he’d do fine and let Bob provide encouragement and/or advice: “Our motto is – Slow, Slower, and Stop.”

I’m glad Jordan captained because the fluorescing jellies were out. I rarely get to enjoy this as I’m looking forward while at the helm. As we approached the bridge I noticed some VERY BRIGHT lights near the apex. I wondered if perhaps there was an accident. Jordan asked, “Is today the 17th?” “Yes.” “Then those lights are for bridge inspection.”

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