► No Fokker Comes Close: July 16, 2014

Wednesday 16 July 2014

 Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 5:10 pm – 9:00 pm
Engine Hrs.: 120.3 – 121.0
Conditions: mostly flat water, chilly evening ride home
Vessel: 23’ Seaway

4464 jetWe had a clear evening, no storms threatening, so we took the boat to Broomes Island for Cornhole. You could tell Sophie worried she’d be left behind. She anxiously pranced in front of the door. As soon as the door opened she raced down to the pier and leaped into the boat. We had a mostly flat water and smooth ride both there and back.

4468 sun raysI made sure to wear my Spitfire shirt to cornhole to show Ron, especially after our Sunday Spitfire exchange. When I asked if he knew what Spitfire was he said, no, he thought it was just some made up word. I then gave a history lesson to him, and Ted, that the Spitfire was the plane flown by England during WWII against Germany’s Fokkers. I then showed them the back of my shirt which says, “No Fokker comes close.”

4487 doris stephanieLori and Doris did well during their games. During the first game they had a comfortable lead against Trey and Stephanie. But then Trey and Stephanie caught on fire. They caught up to Doris and Lori, took the lead, and threatened to win the game. With the score at 17 – 19, Doris stepped up and scored ten points for the win. Good game to watch. During the second game, Jen made a bag in the hole but took two of Doris’ bags with her. Something I would do.


4508 cornhole playLori has determined that she is the blocker and Doris the scorer. With this in mind they strategized on who they would throw against in the final game. But when they started I noticed they weren’t throwing against how I thought they planned. I found out later that at the last minute the other team had switched sides at which point it was too late for Lori and Doris to move.

It ended up working out really well as Lori crushed on the scoring. They beat that team 21 – 1. I asked Doris how many points she had scored. She answered, “About three.” Lori was delighted to finally be able to score points for the team rather than always relying on Doris to carry the team. I pointed out that Lori and Doris had won their game before Team Rob finished their game.

Sitting there, Debbie looked around and commented, “I think there were more people here last week during the storm than are here tonight.”

kristine walt loriTonight was the first time I bought a raffle ticket for the money throw. To my surprise, and amusement, they drew out my name. Of course EVERYONE’s attention is focused on the money throw which can be very intimidating for someone, such as myself, who is secretly quite introverted. I had two throws that were excitingly close, but no, I didn’t make any in the hole. I do find it nice that everyone seems to actually be cheering for the money thrower.

Earlier in the evening I heard grumblings about the drawing, which I shut down right away. Some of the comments included: 1) It’s not fair if a name gets drawn twice – no, I say, if you buy more than one ticket you have a greater likelihood of being drawn, and if it’s more than once, good for them for buying multiple tickets. 2) Do you think they take the money board home and practice? – first you have to get your name drawn, second, anyone with boards can practice, you just have to go right down the center.

We left at sunset and had a GLORIOUS ride home. We FINALLY had mostly flat water allowing us to scoot home at a decent speed.

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