► Stealth: July 12, 2014

Saturday 12 July 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Spring Cove – Back Creek – Triple L Estate

Time: 10:20 am – 12:00 pm                              Engine Hrs.: 115.0 – 117.2
Conditions: lovely sunny day, water mostly flat
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
11.1 gallons at 116.5 hrs
$3.89/ gallon
Me, Sophie and Jordan

4249 small sailboatsOn our way to Solomons the water was mostly flat. Jordan, at the helm, commented that he’s never seen the river this flat. He didn’t think it was possible to be that flat. This summer we have had some very rough water every time we go out.

We went towards Spring Cove, on Back Creek in Solomons area, in search of Skippy’s boat. Shortly after passing Calvert Marina fuel dock we heard a log fog horn-like blast from behind. We turn around to see a large vessel barreling up our stern. I then noticed that it’s Double D. At the helm sat Danny, grinning ear to ear. Excellent – I’ve been wondering where he docked his boat.

4259 double d4262 double d






We watched as he headed towards his slip and followed him. He came out on the bow to chat with us. I asked if they planned on going to Battle Creek and offered to pick them up at Broomes if they didn’t plan on taking Double D up river.

4274 blue yacht4281 red boat






We then carried onward to Spring Cove in search of Skippy’s boat. I was amazed at the price difference for fuel at Spring Cove vs Calvert Marina and Solomons Yachting Center, and even Len’s Marina. Because of that I decided to top up on fuel. It seemed like everyone decided to fuel at the same time. We had to squeeze ourselves between two sailboats while a large Carver lingered, waiting for an open area. 4291 moon drearmI do think I found which boat belongs to Skippy – and it’s a nice looking boat! Although she said it was 32 feet, it looked larger and newer than I pictured.

Since we were already in the neighborhood I wanted to go check out Holiday Inn to see if Screwpile had arrived. All was fairly quiet, although I could see a tent set up near 4284 catamaranthe pool area. I commented to Jordan that Jeannie lives just around a nearby point. He wanted to see so we peeked around the point but quickly turned back as I didn’t want her to think we were stalking her.

We passed by an anchored 55 foot Beneteau sailboat flying Beneteau flags. I then noticed an Annapolis Yacht Sales Banner hanging from their stern. We swung close so I could ask if they were with Annapolis Yacht Sales or simply just advertising for them. They belonged with Annapolis Yacht Sales so I asked if Cliff or Gregg had also come down. No. I then said I was in the process of purchasing Beneteau’s Baracuda 9. They asked if I liked it. I said I’d like it a lot more if I actually HAD it.

During our cruising around I noticed the old Captain’s Table has been replaced with a new restaurant – Anglers. Great, most likely another cookie cutter menu – oh look, we’re on the water so we’ll serve an over emphasis of seafood.

4323 young sailerOn our way out I asked Jordan to swing by the old Harbour Sound/ Calypso bay. From my understanding a new restaurant plans to open at this location with a Latin-Mediterranean influence. What a fantastic change – if it truly is Mediterranean influence rather than yet another cookie cutter seafood menu.

As we left Solomons channel we saw the stealth bomber fly over head. FANTASTIC!! The only problem was that we saw the stealth just exactly as I was changing my camera battery. Typical story of my life – missed opportunities.


4327 stealth4329 stealth jet


Journey: Triple L Estate – Point Patience – Triple L Estate

Time: 2:10 pm – 2:30 pm Engine Hrs.: 117.2 – 117.5
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Me and Jordan

P and C had stopped by our house on their jetskis for a brief visit. As they prepared to leave, C could not get the sit-down ski started and running. I offered to two them home. Instead, P switched skis with C. He did get it running and took off with C following on the stand-up. I decided to do a quick run out to the river to check if he had stalled.

Jordan and I went as far as Point Patience. We didn’t see them stranded. I figured if they made it as far as the bridge they could fairly easily tow the ski home with the stand-up.


Journey: Triple L Estate – Battle Creek – Triple L Estate

Time: 2:40 pm – 6:00 pm Engine Hrs.: 117.5 – 118.9
Conditions: very rough waves going home.
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Lori, Jordan, and me

4338 walt jet skiWe cruised up to Battle Creek to hang out. This time we came more prepared for the beach, ie. Brought chairs and a 5-gallon bucket for garbage. When we arrived at the beach Walt pulled up on his jet ski. I thought, ‘What a treat.’ He just stopped to say ‘Hi’ and left to return his ski so his kids could use it. I told him we’d come get him but he said he’d have his kids drop him off. He never returned. What a tease.

4349 jordan beachingWe enjoyed hanging out with the people we knew and meeting new people. At one point, when a nearby slot opened up, Jordan suggested moving the boat. He pointed out that by moving the boat the cooler would be closer. SOLD. We told him to go ahead and move it around. “Wait. What?” He didn’t expect to be the one to do it, saying, “I’ve never done this before.” We told him now is as good as any time to learn, adding, “Just don’t hit anything.” As we expected he did a fine job.

4351 lori






4368 beached boats

4364 gearBy the time we left for home the waves had really picked up. We had no choice but head directly head on into the crushing waves which made for a brutal ride home. There was nothing Jordan, as captain, could do to avoid hitting wave after wave. It felt like it took forever to get home. It seemed like the ride would never end. We were all so happy once we finally reached home.

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