► The Plane, The Plane: July 11, 2014

Friday 11 July 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – almost to Broomes Island – Triple L Estate – Blackstone Marina cove area – Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs.: 114.4 – 115.0
Conditions: nice, mostly flat water
Vessel: 23’ Seaway

4182 sea planeI went up to Broomes Island, alone, since Lori had worked all day and was too exhausted. The water was mostly flat and I cruised up river. Along the way, between marker ’13’ and ‘15’ noticed a what turned out to be a small sea plane taking off. A belly landing sea plane. If I had realized 4187 sea planesoon enough I would have tried to race over closer to get a better view.

I had made it nearly to Broomes Island when I noticed that the boat had taken on a LOT more water than it has in the past few weeks. I thought, “Hum, I better turn around and get home quickly since 1) I’m alone, 2) we still don’t know why water is coming in, and 3) it’s probably not wise to leave it sitting for a while in the water if it’s taking on water.

4192 bozoI turned around and scooted home. Between marker ‘13’ and the Clarkes Landing channel a bozo passed on my starboard side. I was already hugging the channel quite closely with all kinds of river to my port – yet this bozo had to cut the channel to pass in the small area to starboard. I thought he wanted to ask me if I had any Grey Poupon. Because he passed so close I thought he must also be going into the Clarkes channel…. But NOOOOO! After passing me the knucklehead proceeds to cut in front of me to head over more towards the bridge and Solomons island. WHY did he not pass to my stern?!

As I approached home I asked Lori to come down to look at the boat. I started to think we must have a leak under the engine well that we’re not seeing. When Lori and Jordan had cleaned the boat a few weeks ago the through the hull wash down hose had broken so that the nozzle was no longer attached to the hose. I asked if perhaps water was coming out of the now broken hose. Lori thought no because there is a ball cock to keep it closed.

I asked her to lie down on the floor and watch as we went out again. As we idled out Lori said there was no water. I said, “Let’s just go down to Clarkes Landing and back.” Once out of our cove I sped up at which point Lori yells up, “Yep, there’s water coming out of the hose.” Obviously the ball cock has either failed or is not completely shut.

What we determined is that as we increased the RPM more water would spurt out the hose. Because we’ve had mostly rough water every time we go out we have had to travel at a slower RPM and therefore not as much water spurting. Tonight, with the flat water I was able to travel at a much higher RPM which meant a lot more water spurting into the cockpit. The easy, temporary, solution is to simply hang the open end of the hose into the engine well which will then drain out the back. Now that we knew the problem, and the solution, I returned Lori to the house and took off again for Broomes Island.

4209 bozoEn route I encountered yet another knucklehead. I maintained a straight line while this boat came out from the St. Leonard area. At first it kept a parallel line to me so I thought they, too, must be going to Broomes Island. But NOOOOO!! The boat made and an adjustment that changed its course to cross directly in front of me. Had I not adjusted my speed I would have easily t-boned the boat. Again – WHY did they not pass to my stern?! KNUCKLEHEADS!!! You can’t fix stupid.

As I arrived Sandy yelled down to say she sent Jeff down to help me. I looked for Jeff but only saw Travis coming down. He did help me by grabbing lines for me. When I saw Sandy she mentioned having seen me and sent someone down. I said, “Yes, you said Jeff but Travis came down.” Sandy admitted that she had said Jeff but meant Travis. Oh well, no matter.

September Song was already at the bar and had been chatting with the friendly crowd at the bar. I talked with them for a while, always a treat. Slightly before sunset I prepared to leave. Bob said something about being safe. I said of course, I’ll be wearing my vest like I was when I came in. Stephanie said, “I noticed that!” I explained that one of our boat rules is – if you’re alone on the boat you have to wear a vest.

Harold and Betty had come for dinner so I went to say hello to them. Betty mentioned that she had talked with someone at the museum about going out for a ride on the Draketail boat. If that happens she will be sure to invite me. MOST EXCELLENT!

4237 super moonTomorrow is supermoon, but the moon tonight was quite super in and of itself. What a treat. I’m glad I decided to go back up to Broomes once we figured out the water problem.



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  1. […] up river. This is the same sea plane I had seen earlier this summer on my way to Broomes. (see July 11, 2014) Shortly after passing out of view it returned, now flying down river. It did finally land down […]

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