► Not One of Our Wiser Decisions: July 9, 2014

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Len’s Marina – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 5:10 – 8:45
Engine Hrs.: 113.5 – 114.4
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
25.1 gallons @ 113.8 hrs
$3.95/ gallon = $99.20
3944 prestorm upriverWhen we left home the radar showed very scattered showers that could, most likely, miss us completely. If they did hit they would be short lived. With this in mind we decided to go to Cornhole by boat.

On the way up river Lori thought it would be wise to get gas since we’ve done lomts of running around since we last filled. I originally told Lori I’d drop her at Stoney’s and get gas while she practiced and played. Because we had left so early we had plenty of extra time so Lori decided to go with me to Len’s. It’s a good thing we did fill as it was quite low. (It will be nice to again have a vessel with a working fuel gauge – or a tank where you can physically see the fuel level.)

When we finished fueling we began to hear thunder. The sky up-river had turned quite dark. I looked at the radar again. It had DRAMATICALLY changed in the last 20 minutes since I last checked it. Yikes. When we arrived at Stoney’s people commented, “I can’t believe you came by boat.” I responded, “Yeah, me neither.”

storm approach panarama

Lori and Doris played again Marty and Danny during the first round – the Big Match Up. It didn’t take long for that match to end. Fortunately, Lori and Doris didn’t get skunked.

Eventually the storms did come rolling in at about 6:40 pm. I posted snapshots of the weather map saying, “Ok, so coming to Broomes Island (from Hollywood) by boat may not have been one of our wiser decisions.”

640 weather map700 weather mapPeople took cover either under the cornhole tent or in the nearby storage garage. Sophie found a dark isolated area against the wall under all the stacks of chairs. Everyone felt so bad for her. For a while the storm garbage bag raincoatwas INTENSE. So much rain, thunder and lightning. A solid wall of gray clouds blocked seeing the nearby Stoney’s shoreline.

At one point I looked over to see how the boat was doing. Lori came over to ask if I had seen the bilge running. I hadn’t, nor had she. I pointed out that at least the black bottom point still sat above the waterline so it must be doing ok. During the storm, many people offered to let us stay at their house.

I continued monitoring the storm’s progression on the radar. According to what I saw we expected the storm to be finished long before we needed to leave. When it did begin to break apart the cloud formations were spectacular!

after storm panarama

4010 sunsetAs we predicted, and hoped, the storm ended by the time Lori finished playing. We left at sunset and had rather smoother water for the ride home – almost flat. The cloud formations with the sunset lighting provided an amazingly gorgeous ride home. We could see that rain still fell in Calvert County.

sun set upriver

Lori captained the entire ride home so I could take photos. As we neared our pier Jordan scurried down the steps to provide assistance. Good Swamp Boy.

When Jordan returned to live with us this summer we told him, 1) the same swamp boyrules as last year are still in effect, 2) there are a few more additional rules, and 3) we reserve the right to make rules as the summer progresses. Earlier this summer we did add a new rule – anytime Swamp Boy sees us coming in he needs to scurry on down and provide assistance.


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