► Boat Stalker: July 6, 2014

Sunday 6 July 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfisher’s, Solomons Island – September Song at Calvert Marina – Triple L Estate – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 12:15 pm – 8:05 pm
Engine Hrs.: 111.6 – 113.4
Conditions: rough water, made worse by the boating traffic
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Lori, Jordan and me

3694 jordan loriWe had Jordan captain in order to continue giving him practice. We planned on meeting the Boyz for brunch at Kingfishers. We had rough water all the way to Solomons, made worse by all of the boating traffic. Jordan couldn’t find a single bit of flat.

sailboat mast sit

bow people attitude adjustmentAs we approached the Solomons channel I see a day-cruiser boat coming out with a couple of people laying out front. As it exited the no wake zone the boat quickly accelerated to get up on plane. I couldn’t believe anyone would have people sprawled out on the bow while going so fast 3751 rachel carson flagsESPECIALLY with the water so very rough. As it swung by I took a closer look and read the name on the transom to see that we actually know that knucklehead. Typical.

3771 who ray iv

As we approached Kingfisher’s we saw the Boyz just ahead of us, docking. Great timing. We tied up along the wall at the grassy area between Kingfishers and the Oyster Museum.

3778 loriAlthough we found out that, technically, Kingfishers no longer serves brunch Luckily, Vince accommodated those of us wanting steak and eggs. While occasionally chatting with him, we learned that he writes a restaurant review column for the ‘Old Towne Cryer’. To top it off, this month’s review featured Chief’s, in Tall Timbers, where we often go when visiting Stephen and Martha. He also gave me the web address to his blog: astronautegui.tumblr.com.

While brunching September Song called to say they had arrived in Solomons. YEAH!! After brunch we asked the Boyz to come with us to meet September Song. They agreed. Prior to leaving, the Boyz made sure to stock their 3785 coast guard auxempty cooler.

We made our way to Calvert Marina where September Song docks at the floating docks. It was so good to see them again. Bob gave everyone a tour of the boat while I chatted 3786 stoneys boatwith Stephanie.3791 sept song

3793 stephanie3794 lori barry bob




3851 skiff

When we were ready to leave I tried to talk Bob and Stephanie into going with us up to Broomes. I promised them we’d bring them home. Bob seemed game but Stephanie said no and Bob decided to stay. I have a feeling Stephanie wanted to rest – totally understandable.

3812 policeWe swung by Triple L to drop Jordan off as he didn’t want to go up to Broomes. Again we had a rough ride.

When we arrived at Stoney’s, Ted told me Phil was down at the boat bar with one of his brothers. I went down to “harass” Phil 3860 john phil walt brothersand was amazed at how much his brother, John, looked like their other brother, Walt. I chatted with them a bit before returning to the upper bar. Once Walt arrived I was quite happy to get a photo of the three brothers together.

When Jeannie first saw me she reached across the bar, held my hand, and said, 3857 joan dana missy“Thank you for being so patient with me yesterday.” I asked the Boyz if they had said anything to her. They said they had not.

Skippy was at the bar sitting next to us. We had a lovely time talking with her. She is having a really hard time, I think, dealing with Reed’s deteriorating health. She seemed quite happy to be talking with us. Somehow we started talking about FB. She said that based on her employer advice she 3858 ediedoesn’t plan on starting an account until after she retires. I told her to do what I do – create an alias. She had never thought of that and thought it was a great idea. She said, “My first name could be – Skippy!” Yep. I then offered a variety of options for a last name that actually made some sort of sense.

She also mentioned how she really wants us to go out with her on her boat. She told us the boat’s name, size, and where it’s currently docked. I plan on going to check it out and think we definitely need to go out with her.

As luck would have it, Phil, on the Stoney’s boat, departed 3905 stoneys boatat the same time as us. We ended up following them all the way down river to the Clarkes Landing channel. This allowed for us to have a fairly smooth ride home on what otherwise would have been very rough. Unfortunately I lost my Key West visor. So sad – heavy sigh. When it flew off I had no intention of losing our sweet ride in order to turn around to look for what seemed an impossible task – finding it.

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