► Beached: July 5, 2014

Saturday 5 July 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Boyz house – Battle Creek – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 1:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Engine Hrs.: 109.9 – 111.6
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Lori, Sophie, Jordan and me

3593 boatWe received a late morning invitation for brunch at the Boyz’ house, which we accepted. Fortunately, I had made deviled eggs yesterday and Jordan had made banana bread, which we took along so we didn’t arrive empty handed… which we usually do.

After brunch we tried to talk the Boyz into 3602 jordan lori sophiecoming up to Battle Creek. They declined and instead planned on going to Broomes Island.

Going into Battle Creek, I pointed out to Jordan the importance of following the channel markers into Battle Creek. As we approached the sandbar we noticed Double D beached. Not only was Double D there but 3606 double dalso Marty and Debbie and Tony with his wife. When we pulled up, one young fellow came over to salivate over our boat. We told him it might be for sale soon. It still amazes me the number of people who comment on how nice our boat looks.

We ended up having a great time at the sandbar beach. A few people had brought cornhole boards which people played. I shared a microbrewery with Tony. He then 3612 jordan lorihopped in his boat and zipped to his house to bring me a microbrew he had for me to try.

While sitting there chatting, Swamp Boy did well by noticing our boat floating away. He grabbed it and towed it back on shore. At one point a fellow borrowed his friend’s boat. Prior to departure the fellow specifically asked Danny how to get out 3622 double d debbie martyto the channel. Danny told him exactly what to do, beginning with going out and around the green marker. The knucklehead, however, didn’t do as instructed and instead cut over to the channel marker. Not surprisingly, he bottomed out and his friend had to wade out, in water less than waist deep, to push him towards the channel. It’s one thing to bottom out when you don’t know – but he HAD ASKED Danny 3627 battle creekwhere to go.

We finally decided we should head to Stoney’s to meet up with the Boyz. I had forgotten about Attitude Adjustment having a party. I wish Lori had reminded me as I would have liked to stop by.

As we entered Island Creek we saw the Boyz 3637 barry ericleaving. We should have turned around and headed for home when we saw them leaving, but we didn’t. I ended up having the worst service ever while at the outside bar. In fact, I didn’t get any service at all. I stood there waiting while Lori and Jordan went inside, ordered, waited for food to go, 3641 stick familyand by the time they came out I still hadn’t been served!!!! It’s not like I wanted anything fancy, just a simple bottle of beer but after nearly half an hour I still didn’t have a drink. Ridiculous. I was TICKED and went to the boat to wait for Lori and Jordan.

En route to the boat I noticed this burly fellow walking in wearing an Iowa State 3646 jordan iowa stateshirt. Amazing. So fun to run into people from Iowa, Iowa State no less.

Once on the boat, I looked in the cooler and to my delight I saw a beer that Tony had stuck in there for me. Good ‘ol Tony. As soon as we got our food we headed for home.

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