► Pulling Along a Friend: June 30, 2014

Monday 30 June 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – the Boyz’ House – Len’s Marina – the Boyz’ House – Triple L Estate

Time: 11:50 am – 2:30 pm
Engine Hrs.: 107.3 – 109.0
Conditions: sunny, comfortable, water became rougher as the afternoon progressed
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
10.7 gallons @ 108.4 hrs
Me and Sophie

sophie swim 3Eric had asked for assistance getting his Trophy to Len’s Marina. I had no idea that we would be launching the Trophy off his beach during the low part of a very low tide. Once the Trophy was in the water it would not start. I offered to tow him over to Len’s if he had the time. He did.

Just as we strung up the tow rope he decided to try starting it again. This time it started so we undid the tow ropes. He made it only a very short distance before the Trophy again stalled. We again strung up the tow ropes and 3429 eric anchor towI began towing at 1:00 pm and made it to Len’s by 1:20. We were both surprised at how fast we made it across the river, especially since I certainly wasn’t going fast.

As we approached Len’s I worried about how I could possibly get his boat to the pier. I called ahead to ask that someone meet us at the pier to assist. 3443 eric bow sitLen did meet us out on one of the piers and indicated I could pull him to the end of the dock. Unfortunately, as I neared the spot the wind worked against me. I ended up bringing him around to an inner dock near to the ramp which was actually a better spot as the Trophy would be hauled out. It ended up working so smoothly you’d think we were pros. I was quite relieved.

While Eric dealt with Len and the Trophy I decided to top up on fuel, even though we had just filled yesterday. Once we were finished 3461 bargewith everything I took Eric back across the river to his house and then returned home. By this time the wind and waves had really picked up – with the unkind waves I had a rough ride home.

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