► Loving the Unexpected: June 29, 2014

Sunday 29 June 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Mill Creek – Triple L Estate

Time: 10:40 am – 11:00 am
Engine Hrs.: 105.0 – 105.3
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Me and Sophie

3261 coast guard auxYesterday I had noticed large vessels anchored in Mill Creek so I wanted to go check them out. As I passed Blackstone Marina I saw the Coast Guard Auxiliary out again.

3311 boatAs I approached Mill Creek I was a bit disappointed to see most of the vessels had already departed. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Journey: Triple L Estate – Len’s Marina – Broomes Island – Battle Creek – Sea Breeze – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 1:05 pm – 9:30 pm Engine Hrs.: 105.3 – 107.2
Conditions: nice, sunny Vessel: 23’ Seaway
21.2 gallons @ 105.7 hrs $3.95/ gallon = $83.80
Me and Lori

We headed up to Stoney’s, Broomes Island for our usual Sunday afternoon. Since Jordan had already been to Broomes once during the weekend he chose to stay home.

3320 glasses rubberstamp3318 glasses

ron lori theresaWe first went to Len’s Marina to fill up with fuel. We then headed to Stoney’s. Today Stoney’s hosted a breast cancer fund raiser – pint glass painting and beer tasting. I participated as I am into the beer tasting aspect while Lori sat at the bar chatting.

At one point I found out Walt had a nice vintage Mustang in the parking lot. Ron walt mustang rubberstampsaid it was a ’62 or no later than a ’63. I disagreed saying the very first Mustang is a ’64 ½. He thought for sure I was wrong and I quickly offered to bet. He looked it up on the googler and found out that I was absolutely right. I then informed him, I only bet money when I know absolutely I’m right.

3373 tommy boatLate in the afternoon Tommy said, “Let’s go to SeaBreeze.” A bunch of us were game. A large number of people climbed onto his boat – so many that he wondered if he had enough life vests on board. At first Julie said she didn’t want to go but when she saw how many people were leaving she changed her mind.

walt kristinesandy lori 23363 lori bowSandy and Walt joined us on our boat. We had just left Broomes when Walt slid further into the captain’s seat. I was fine with that and let 3350 tommy boathim take over captaining. (I’m glad we filled up at Len’s prior to arriving at Stoney’s.)

As we turned towards Sea Breeze we noticed Tommy’s boat continuing up-river. I called Julie to ask if Tommy was lost. She said no, he wanted to cruise by Battle Creek. We turned back up-river to follow them to 3354 lori sandy waltBattle Creek. This afforded Walt the opportunity to show us where he lived which is essentially directly across from the beach where people often meet.

Tommy pulled up to the beach. We came around and asked if they had any beer. ‘No.’ Dang it. If we had known we weren’t going directly to Sea Breeze we would have brought along a ‘roadie’. A group of young 3352 mooner‘kids’ on the beach yelled out, “We have beer.” We turned around to beach next to them.

3359 beer boatTommy’s boat yelled for us to, “Come park here” next to them. We yelled back, “No, we’re going to park over here next to this boat – they have beer!”

Lori, Sandy, and Walt did get a beer from them. I gave them a wad of ones as payment. I don’t know how much I gave, but I know that Sandy stopped me from giving them what she thought was too much.

3412 julie waltWe stayed at the beach for a short time before continuing onward to Sea Breeze. While there people ordered a variety of food. I learned that Sea Breeze has pizza on the menu, and it wasn’t that bad. We hung out there for quite a while.

3408 shirt3404 motorbike3405 motorbike

3399 motorbike3394 motorbike

3393 tommy boatAs we prepared to depart, Pam joined our boat. I wondered if the Tommy boat realized they had one less person. We left Sea breeze at 6:20 pm with the hours reading 106.5.

We returned Walt, Sandy, and Pam to moon 5Broomes and then headed home.

Lori and I had NO idea we would be out so late. Even Jordan was surprised at how late we came home. If you had asked us before we left we both would have said we’d be home very early. Yet another fun evening of unexpected experiences.

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