► Tall Ships and Chesapeake Cowboys: June 22, 2014

Sunday 22 June 2014
Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 7:50 am – 9:00 am                                   Engine Hrs.: 96.0 – 97.0
Conditions: cloudy and overcast                             Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Me and Sophie
Solomons Yachting Center: Put in 15.3 gallons @ 96.5 hours
$3.99/ gallon for total of $61.20
kalmer nicholeI went out to see the tall ships which are in Solomons for the week. Unfortunately, I missed most of the tall ship activities as we were in Minnesota for the week.

On my way to, and from, Solomons I was sad to see so many ray/skate bow hunters.

I saw the Kalmer Nicole, docked at Waterman’s Wharf, and the Pride of pride of baltimoreBaltimore, docked at the yacht club. I would really like to see these ships under full sail, without use of any motors. That would be impressive.

While out I decided to fill up with fuel at Solomons Yachting Center so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later in the afternoon.



Journey: Triple L Estate – Boyz’ House – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Boyz’ House – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Boyz’ House – Triple L Estate

Time: 11:00 am – 7:30 pm                                 Engine Hrs.: 97.0 –

Conditions: sun finally came out and we ended up having a gorgeous day

Vessel: 23’ Seaway

trophyWe had Jordan captain up to the Boyz’ house in order to pick up people to take over for the docking contest at Stoney’s. Only Barry rode with us while Eric took, Vic and Eric, Bob, Rick, and …. don’t remember his name, on his “new” Trophy. They ended up having trouble crossing the river. I dropped people off at Broomes and went back to trophy fixtrilogy boatscheck on the Trophy. They had just finished fixing a bad spark plug connection when I arrived. Fortunately they were able to continue crossing the river to Broomes.

pier boyzWe docked in our assigned slips. Although one slip had been blocked by a contestant, Eric was able to go into our adjacent slip and then slide over into his slip.

We took our place at our reserved viewing area. A few couples stood at the railing. We told them that once the contest started they would have to move. One couple did move, but the other couple stood there and the guy said, “We’ll see about that.” Eric asked, “What do you mean by that?” The guy said, “This is a public space and I’ll stand where I want.” I thought, “Right, we’ll see about that.”

Shortly after this encounter, Jeannie leaned over the bar and told them they would have to leave. He made a bit of a snit and I thought she might have to ask one of the cops to assist in escorting them out of our reserved area.

dj natty boh

miss julie next generationnext generation










jordan ericThe contest was exciting in that one boat knocked down a piling and then later another boat destroyed a portion of the main pier. Unfortunately, I was over on the Kingfisher boat when this happened thus once again missing out on a great photo opportunity.

miss julie



hard to handle


destroyed pier

swagger toss

elaina scott piling hitheather nicole natty boh

katy tommy



julie kristine

post 2903 sandy tablephils haremWhen I arrived at the Kingfisher boat Phil was in a slightly foul mood, understandable, since three people had been dancing on the fileting table and rope swingbroke it.

At around 5:00, Vic and Eric asked me to take them across the river to their car, parked at the Boyz’ house. When I arrived at my boat I saw that some bozo had blocked in both me and Eric’s boat. There was a boat rafted to bozo with a young kid inside. We finally got his attention to ask that he call someone about moving the boat. We got sick of waiting so Lori got on board and started undoing lines in order to float it back to the other pilings. FINALLY bozo arrived and they departed. (Hum, was it something we said?)

rick jordandouble d et alteddy missy edielori duran paintbarry lori jordan ericjd chrisjd cop lorijeannie ericI zipped Eric, Vic, and Bob back across the river and returned to Stoney’s. The after party ended up being as much fun as the contest itself. We left Broomes around 6:30. A VERY drunk Eric rode with us while Jordan rode with Barry in order to lend assistance for docking. We dropped Eric off at his house and picked up Jordan. Eric tried to talk Jordan into staying, offering him a $100. We told him that we already told Jordan that if Eric ever offers money to hold out for at least $300. Eric responded, “Well I’ve got $400 in my pocket. JORDAN, get off that boat!” Jordan, wisely, chose to stay with us and return home.

eric flash



Ryan Jason
Hard To Handle
Elaina Scott
Next Generation
Ryan Jason (2)


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