► Had the Taste: May 25, 2014

SUNDAY 25 MAY 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Freshies of Hollywood – Broomes Island – Freshies of Hollywood – Triple L Estate

107 mark stephen jordanWe first went to Freshies of Hollywood for an early Brunch. I say early, because the Boyz usually brunch at around 2. Throughout brunch Lori joined in the drinking of several bottles of bubbly. Being the responsible captain, I took it easy can just watched the antics. The fasct that I don’t like the bubbly helped.

After brunch we all headed over to Broomes Island. Both the outside and boat bars were open and busy. We ended up having a fun day – a bit more fun for Lori.


109 eric stephen loriAt some point in the afternoon, I found Lori at the boat bar to see how she was doing. I realized she was extremely intoxicated. I requested she come sit on one the blue chairs and I would get her water. She agreed. As I guided her through the rocks, I could tell she was about to fall. I Knew I couldn’t hold her up, so I made sure she had a soft, controlled, fall. She, essentially, melted to the ground. Some friends came over to help her up, as she laughed, and steered her to a chair. I began hydrating her with water. She sat in the chair as people came to socialize with her. At least she’s a happy drunk.

1110 lori bethannOnce she finally sobered up enough to walk, we went up to the outside bar. To our surprise we ran into Beth Ann and Brandon. What a shocking and delightful surprise. Well, that indicated to Lori we needed to stay for another drink. Beth Ann, being pregnant, had water.

We had a great time chatting with B and B. Felt blessed to have serendipitous family encounter.

When we decided we needed to go home, the lower tide meant a more significant step down to board the African Kween. In Lori’s state, I didn’t think it would be an easy task. I enlisted assistance with her boarding.

drunk lori jordanJordan rode over to Freshies of Hollywood on ‘Who Ray IV’ while a friend of the Boyz’ rode with us. We scooted across the river to Freshies, to swap the friend for Jordan. Jordan sat/ squatted next to Lori, with his arm around her, making sure she was ok. Although she was firmly planted in her seat, I did worry she actually would fall out. What can we say – obviously, today Lori had ‘the taste.’

Hrs: 89.0 – 90.1 Time: 11:15 am – 7:20 pm
Conditions: wonderful, sweet, calm day
Passengers: Lori, Jordan, Kristine
Vessel: ‘African Kween’, 23’ Seaway

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