► Nano-seconds: May 11, 2014

Sunday 11 May 2014 – Mother’s Day

Journey: Triple L Estate – SeaBreeze – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 2:30 pm – 8:10 pm                       Vessel: 23’ Seaway

sailboatWith Marker in town, he wanted Maryland crabs. We decided to go to Seabreeze as it’s one of the better places, and more affordable places, to go for crabs. Kathy rode along with us while Sam planned on meeting us there by car.

It took FOREVER to get seated, Seabreeze was slammed. We didn’t realize you could call in advance to make reservations. We certainly needed a reservation.

Once we FINALLY snagged a table it ended up being very serendipitous as the table next to us was an old family friend of Lori and Marker. In fact, the woman was good friends with Lori and Marker’s mom, Barbara. As Lori said, “This woman has changed my diapers.” It ended up being really nice that Marker was in town and also able to see this long-time friend.post 0658 elixir of life

The funny thing, when they started also talking with Sam and Kathy, they realized the family also knows Kathy and her brother. Small world.

After eating and having a few drinks, Sam and Kathy headed home, by land, while we headed for Broomes Island. As we arrived I heard someone shout our name. I look and told Lori, “I think it looks like J’s sister.” Indeed D was there with her mom and her sister for Mother’s Day.

It was nice greeting them, but I then wanted to go talk with my friends. It seemed like EVERY time I turned around D would be in my face. I would be nice, listen, then say, “Well, I let you get back to spending time with your mom and sister.” I would then move to a new location. I would be there for just nano-seconds, I would turn around, and BAAAMMM, she would be there AGAIN. I could not shake her in order to go talk with people I came to see.

I did, however, hear a LOT of people tell me “Welcome Home.” It felt nice.

Finally, near sunset, we left for home.

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