► Water Depth Deception – February 23, 2014

Sunday 23 February 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – Patuxent River – Triple L Estate
Conditions: warm, 65 degrees, water mostly flat
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat

lori sophieI talked Lori into going for a ride with me and Sophie. As we headed out of the creek I asked where she wanted to go. She didn’t care. I told her I was torn – either we do a cruise by the island or stick close to Half Pone Point shoreline… in case something went wrong, it’s easier to walk home from Half Pone Point.

I headed up river, close to shore. We had gone a short distance when all of a sudden the motor started to stutter. I lifted the motor to make sure the prop wasn’t damaged. I then looked overboard and noted it looked EXTREMELY shallow. I headed out further away from shore. I think our motor stutter bump resulted from hitting bottom, which looked to be only a few inches deep. Thank goodness the Bay area has a forgiving soft, sandy bottom.

We made it slowly out to deeper water after which the motor ran fabulously.

We then made our way home.

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