► Solomons Docking Contest: September 22, 2013

Sunday 22 September 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Waterman’s Wharf, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs: 72.0 – 72.9 Time: 11:15 am – 4:35 pm
Conditions: beautiful sunny day
Vessel: 26’ Seaway fishing boat

danny penis apronWe had arranged to raft up with Double D to watch the Docking Contest. When we arrived, we saw that Double D sat rafted snug between two boat that all looked similar in style. When I saw this, I thought, ‘Oh oo, plans have changed.’ But then Danny saw us, he waved us over indicating to raft up to their sterns. With the wind blowing over the anchored bows that meant we were blown away from the sterns as we tried to tie up. To make it even more nerve racking, I had very little space in which I could maneuver as boats sat rafted out from the Waterman’s Wharf area pier.
rock n robinraft upthomas reed
Fortunately, we tossed lines to the raft up and they reeled us in. We had our bow tied to Double D and our stern to Hat Trick. I worried about damaging trim tabs, props, or rudders but Danny assured me we were fine. The raft up had a total of 5 boats – O’Dark Thirty, Special Lady, Double D, Hat Trick and our little fishing boat. They all seemed to be from the Hooper Island area. We found out that the owners of ‘Special Lady’ had actually built all 4 of the boats.

fabricatorone more setmiss julie
party raft upWe definitely had a party atmosphere going on. The gorgeous sunny weather only added to the summer fun feeling. The people with our raft up consisted of what I would consider “salt of the earth” type people. Many of them came from Hooper’s Island. I innocently commented to one guy how I liked his Hooper’s Island Volunteer Fire Department shirt. Right away he offered to give me one that he had brought along. AWSOME!!!!

puppiespuppiesHat Trick had two blonde Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies on board – only 11 weeks old and so very cute to watch play.

thomas reed
elaina scott

redneck pontoonAt one point I noticed an odd box-like vessel entering the Solomons channel. I quickly pointed this out to our raft up. Talk about a major red neck boat! The vessel consisted of plywood pieces slapped together on top of a pontoon system which had seen much better days. After seeing this, my idea of slapping a motor onto the floating dock Lori is building for our own little red-neck party boat doesn’t seem so crazy. On top of the plywood box sat a bearded fellow wearing straw hat. Someone pointed out it was the Amish Mafia. He certainly looked like it.

redneck pontoonAs the Amish Mafia sat on the roof a gust of wind tossed his hat into the water. A friend quickly stripped to his skivvies and jumped in to retrieve the treasure. That is a true friend.

droneWe saw someone flying a drone-like contraption. I asked Danny if he had a shot gun on board. Not, of course, that we would have shot towards the crow of people, but the idea of using the drone as target practice sounded fun.

crab place
young capt

I can honestly say I had more fun at the Broomes Island docking contest. Maybe because our seats allowed us to better see the lassoing action.

joe lanaAfter the docking contest we went over to say ‘Hi’ to the Stoney’s boat. As we approached we heard someone yell out to us and saw Joe P and Lana standing on the bow of a sailboat docked adjacent to the Stoney’s boat. What a surprise!

When we pulled up the stern of the Stoney’s boat, some random guy asked for a ride over to the other side of Waterman’s Wharf. I thought it seemed an odd request, did he not want to simply walk up the dock and over to the spot? Oh well, of course we agreed and he climbed on board. I joking told him the taxi fee would be his Chesapeake Cowboy shirt. Once we delivered him to the Wharf, we returned to the Stoney’s boat, tied up to its stern, and climbed aboard.

I said my hellos to people on board and went in search of Ted, who had called me earlier. I found him, on land, over at Waterman’s Wharf bandstand area so I walked up the dock to go say hi. Once on land I understood why the guy had wanted a taxi lift across the wharf. The Stoney’s boat was docked at a Harbor Sound pier and not the Waterman’s Wharf pier, so to get to Waterman’s Wharf you had to walk around to a gate, up to the road, then walk along the road until you got to the Waterman’s Wharf gate and back down to the water.

sailboat floatillaWhen Ted and I returned to the boat, Stoney’s was preparing for departure. We hopped on the African Kween and cast off. As we did, we heard some people yelling over to get out attention. It was the Chesapeake Cowboy guy on the Crab Place Gieko boat. We went over to see what they wanted. The guy took his t-shirt off and tossed it over to us. EXCELLENT!!!

As we began to leave Solomons I lingered in the channel watching all the various vessels departing. I wanted to get a nice picture of the Stoney’s boat but they took too long so we finally left for home. As we neared our house we saw a flotilla of anchored sailboats – seven in total. Usually we see one, MAYBE two at the most. I guessed that they must all know each other and planned a get together in our baylet area.

sailboat gathering


Belinda Jean
Hard to Handle

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