► No Dawdling: September 21, 2013

Saturday 21 September 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate –Len’s Marina – Julie and Tommy’s – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs: 71.0 – 72.0 Time: 10:45 am – 12:30 pm
Conditions: windy and rough, with wind picking up as the day went on
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat
Lori, Sophie and Me

21 gallons @ 71.3 hours

sophie lensI needed to go up to Julie and Tommy’s house on Island Creek, Broomes Island, in order to borrow back some books. Since we planned on going to that area I also wanted to stop at Sandy’s house to drop off a bag of cds she had loaned me after cornhole on Thursday.

Since the forecast called for nasty weather later in the afternoon, we left earlier in the morning. We first went to Len’s Marina to fill with gas. While filling I chatted with young Len. He’s a nice guy. We filled it with 21 gallons at engine hours 71.3. While sitting there we had a very good view of the leading clouds for the front coming down river – all the more reason not to dawdle.

storm frontAfter fueling we went up Island Creek to Julie and Tommy’s pier to pick up some books I had loaned her. I needed to copy a few sections for my up-coming trip. Since they wouldn’t be home, she had left the books in the tiki hut. Lori hopped off, quickly grabbed the bag, and we left without tying up.

We then went to Stoney’s, Broomes Island and tied up in the protected inside wall we like so much. From there we walked to Sandy’s house. As we entered the yard to be greeted by what seemed like dog central station. With Sophie there were a total of six dogs running around. Sandy and Steve were outside doing yard work. As we stood talking with them we could feel the wind picking up. Yea.

capt loriWhen we finished chatting we went up to the Stoney’s bar to say hi to Jeannie. We had one quick drink but with the wind picking up, we needed to head towards home. The ride was much rougher than earlier. We shot over to the St. Mary’s County side of the river in the hopes of finding calmer more protected water which helped only a little bit.

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