► Harvest Moon: September 19, 2013

Thursday 19 September 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs: 506.8 – 507.7 Time: 5 pm – 8:50 pm
Conditions: second night of two full moon nights, Harvest Moon; going up river: choppy, waves 1+ ft., wind at our backs; going down river: FLAT
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi
Lori, Sophie and Me

harvest moonBecause of the timing of the actual full moon, we’ve essentially had two full moon nights – last night and tonight. Not only have we been blessed with two full moons, but also this is the Harvest Moon. Sad thing about a Harvest Moon, however, is that it means fall is fast approaching which portends the coming of winter.

We had a lovely time at cornhole, as usual. We took the Chaparral in order to show it to a couple who may be interested in purchasing a boat. Actually, the wife had indicated an interest, which surprised the husband when I had informed him of her intent. Humm, can you say – married?

barge harvest moonAs we headed home, Lori told me she wanted to stay in the middle of the river rather than my usual of being closer to St. Mary’s County side where, according to her, I come too close to the unlit markers. We were enjoying a gorgeous ride home – flat water and full Harvest Moon. All of a sudden I realized something didn’t seem right with the water ahead of us. I slowed down and saw a large vessel in the channel. I quickly turned to starboard as we passed what essentially constituted a barge traveling up river. It was two flatbed cargo barges, often used by pier and rip rap building companies, strapped side by side, being pushed by a single large tug. The light positioning on the barge made it very difficult to distinguish it from the lights on shore.

It actually scared the begebbies out of me at how “invisible” that large barge was, even in a full moon night AND how close we actually came to a collision. Thank goodness 1) I try to always be diligent while at the helm, and 2) I never go faster than I can see.


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