► Boat Parade: September 14, 2013

Saturday 14 September 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Lens Marina – SeaBreeze – the Beach – Triple L Estate – Solomons Island – Holiday Inn, Solomons – Kingfishers, Solomons Island

8694 poker runI wanted to go out and watch the practice races for tomorrows Offshore Grand Prix, and also fill the African Kween with fuel to see how much gas we’ve used. Because of all the race activities we guessed that the Solomons area would be packed with boats fueling. In order to avoid that may-lay of chaos we decided to zip up to Lens’s Marina to fill.

8697 calvert sheriffs water policeAs we left the Cuckold Creek channel we saw the Calvert County water police hovering. I thought for sure we’d get stopped, but they must have been there to monitor the fun run. We passed many of the fun run go-fast boats leaving Broomes Island heading towards Clarkes Landing. This made for a much rougher ride.8705 lightning

The boat gauge ready empty, however, I don’t trust that reading. The boat did sputter a bit as we traveled up river which worried Lori. Perhaps we may indeed be too close to empty. We went directly to Lens and filled 20 gallons exactly… which means we had a little less than half a tank of gas. (hrs 65.7)

8710 donzi
After fueling we shot across the river to SeaBreeze. Due to the low tide, and great distance between our boat and the pier, we had to basically lift Sophie up and out of the boat. Although we had a leash, I didn’t put it on as she seemed to stay nearby. I wanted to see how well she behaved. As Lori went inside to order our food, I went into Swampy’s to order drinks. Sophie stood outside of the Swampy’s door and seemed quite content with staying put at the door. She didn’t even try to go over to visit with people sitting outside on the picnic table. That surprised me most of all.

8725 fountain cruiserAs we sat waiting for our “to go” order, I pointed out signs on the railing that said, “No Pets Crabbing Fishing”. No one at the bar said anything to us about no pets. I wonder why the sign is up – are they really forbidding pets? One reason we really liked SeaBreeze is because we could bring Sophie with us. 8735 poker run nor tech

8800 coast guardAs soon as we had our food we took off for Solomons. By the time we actually arrived to th Solomons area all the practice races had ended. We did, however, stay near to the St. Mary’s side of the river as we noted we had been spotted by the coast guard. We quickly scooted in among all the anchored boats to assure the Coast Guard we weren’t knuckleheads who planned on crossing into the race field.

palm beach williesWe passed near a large, anchored vessel with a banner splayed along its starboard side advertising Budweiser products and “Palm Beach Willies” from Taylor’s Island. A rubber duckie had rafted up to its stern and another decent sized boat sat rafted to its port side. We cruised by INCREDIBLY close. We thought, since it’s advertising a party destination then they should be demonstrating their party personality. We actually thought we might be waved aboard – after all, if you want to advertise your establishment as a party place, wouldn’t you invite people over to prove you indeed were worthy of being a party destination?

Once we accepted that Palm Beach Willies had no intention of living up to its party destination advertising, we headed over to the Beach. I asked Lori if they had said it’s ok to stop. She said, “I didn’t ask if it was ok, only if they were home.” I asked, “Don’t you think you should ask if it’s ok to stop?” “NO,” she answered, “if they’re home I’m stopping.” As expected, they were home and happy we stopped. Sophie was so good – never once trying to come into the house. She simply rested on the porch watching us through the wide open door.

8845 lori kathy

Slightly before 5:00 we left the Beach and headed for home. We dropped Sophie off, picked up Kathy, and took off again for Solomons area. I didn’t know where the boat parade would be so I headed towards the Tiki Bar area, thinking that of course they would pass by that area. We also headed towards the Tiki Bar because I got a text from Julie saying she and Tommy were there.8860 smith island

Not surprising, – the Tiki Bar dock was full of boats. We noticed Coastal Spirits sat tied on the end with a small fishing boat rafted to its side. We approached, looking for Buzz and Carol. We saw their daughter sitting in the back and asked if we’d be able to raft up to the fishing boat. “Sure,” she said with a bit of nonchalance. We asked if the fishing boat was hers. She said, “No, it’s Lance’s.” Excellent. We felt much better about rafting to his boat even though he wasn’t there to provide his ok.

While chatting with people on Coastal Spirits I found out that the boat parade was on land, NOT on water as I had thought it would be. Hummm good thing we came in and tied up. Shortly after our arrival the parade started.
boat parade miss mary macboat parade pump itboat parade grinch racingboat parade maxed outboat parade 657boat parade strictly businessboat parade typhoonboat parade at hocparade reinforcerboat parade ptmboat parade pushin tinboat paradeboat parade tug itboat paradeboat parade steady pumpinboat parade bud ligthboat parade sarisboat parade perditionboat parade bull on the beachboat parade tiggerboat parade woah mamaboat parade erie monster
After the parade we tried to get into the Tiki area to look for Julie and Tommy. Since Lori didn’t have her wallet, hence no id, they wouldn’t let her in* …. even with her white hair as an id. I did have my id and got a stamp – BUT – instead of stamping the top of my hand I made them put it on my inside wrist. Fortunately, we found Tommy and Julie along the Tiki boundaries. When Julie heard about Lori not having her id, Julie gave Lori a Snookie driver’s license to use as an id. That worked!

After talking for a while I went to use the restroom. As I went towards the Tiki Bar a bouncer stopped me to check my id. I showed him the stamp on my inside wrist. He made a comment about needing an id so I pulled out my wallet to again show my license. He tried to stamp the top of my hand. I said, no, the stamp had to be on the inside. He said he wouldn’t allow me in without the stamp on the outside. I told him I only wanted to use the bathroom, but he refused. I figured – F#@* IT!!! I’ll go use the head on Coastal Spirits.

So, once again I’m at the Tiki bar and they pissed me off. That makes 100% of the time that I’ve visited the Tiki Bar in the past several years that they pissed me off. It again confirms why I no longer bother going there. F the Tiki Bar!

When I returned to Coastal Spirits I see that yet another vessel had rafted up… squeezing in between them and Lance’s boat. I teased Buzz and Carol about how me and Lance were rednecking their raft up.

coastal spirits raft upWhile chatting they mentioned wanting to go to Holiday Inn for the race party. They had called about a shuttle but the cost was outrageous. Lori told them we would take them over in the boat. That seemed like a good idea and a bunch of them crawled on board. As we slowly motored towards Holiday Inn I counted the number of people on board and realized that most likely we didn’t have nearly enough life vests on board to be considered legal. Thank goodness we plied the back waters.

Once we dropped them off we headed to Kingfishers. We wanted to see if Eric had roped off the slip he planned to reserve for us. I expected to simply cruise by but Kathy wanted to go in and get something to eat. (She was in party mode.)

We went inside and had a grand ol’ time… a little too grand. Eric did go out with us and tied a rope up to reserve our slip for tomorrow. I was happy to finally finish eating and head for home as it seemed quite late.

* It was reported that later this same evening three men were arrested for drunken disorderly conduct and drugs. One of those arrested was only 19 years old! I want to know how a 19 year old man could get into the Tiki Bar but not a 53 year old, white haired woman.

Engine Hrs: 65.2 – 68.4 Time: 1:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Conditions: on way to SeaBreeze fairly rough going up river, more rough because we passed many go fast boats heading down river between Broomes Island and Clarkes Landing during their fun run; returning down river it had become fairly smooth, wind had died down quite a bit
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat
Journey 1: Lori, Sophie and me
Journey 2: Lori, Kathy and me

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