► Most People’s Last Whooo-raaahhh: September 1, 2013

Sunday 1 September 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – up river from marker ‘16’ – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

river partyWe went up to Stoney’s for a Sunday afternoon. Prior to leaving the house I told Lori there is no way I’m going down to the band area if I have to pay a cover charge – oh, I mean, forced into “donating”. As we left our cove we saw what looked like a party gathering. But, then again, it is Labor Day weekend, most people’s last summer whooo-raaahhh.

chris boatWhen we arrived at Stoney’s it was packed! The entire inside wall had been taken up by boats … one of which I noticed was Chris’ lovely picnic boat. I saw Double D along the wall but no Danny or Doris. Our alternative favorite slips were also occupied. We ended up backing into a slip which provided slightly tricky with the fishing boat.

family fotoWhen we got to the bar we noticed the boat bar was open and we wanted to go get our drink from there. An employee stopped us and said we had to pay a fee. We explained we weren’t going to the band area, only to the bar. Even to go to the boat bar she said we needed to pay. We again explained we didn’t plan on staying at the bar as our final destination was Double D, and pointed to the boat. She seemed a bit confused.

About this time, Danny came out from the tent so say if we needed to raft up to his boat, he’d pull his fenders out and we would be more than welcome. We appreciated the offer, but since we had a spot already, we declined. Since Danny, and gang, planned to hang out in the band area, Lori and I returned to the upper bar in order to avoid being again chased out and/ or harassed on yet another Sunday. Funny, though, as we sat at the upper bar we noticed a number of people arrive and not once were they chased down and harassed. Hummm, it must just be me that they like to harass.

We stopped at Chris’ table to talk with her and Kat. They were out with friends from the area. Kelly, from cornhole, has often told us we need to meet her friend Chris and hang out with her. We did let her know we knew Chris, although not well. “Oh,” Kelly says, “you really have to start hanging out with her.” Lori and I have mentioned in the past we would like to get to know her and Kat better in order to have another couple to hang out with in the neighborhood. We’ll have to work on that.

chris boat engineWe did notice Chris giving tours of her boat. I would love to have a ride on her boat, but I want her to pick us up at our pier. One of Lori’s favorite part of the tour, of course, was seeing the engine. Aahhh, the interesting things that thrill her.

gaggle o gaysEric showed up with a gaggle of gays including Rick, Mike, Larry, Eric, and Vic. It was lovely seeing them all. Rick had not seen the Seaway before and wanted to go for a ride. Lori agreed to take him out. When I asked if I could ride along, Lori stated she wanted to be the one to captain. I was fine with that! The three of us climbed aboard and with Lori at the helm we departed. We went out and around red marker ’16’ and a short ways up river before turning around and returning to Stoney’s. As we neared the pier, Lori did ask me to take responsibility at the helm for docking.

capt lori rick
rick lori kristine
Once we finally left, Lori captained the entire way home. It was actually nice to just sit and relax.

Time: 3:10 pm – 8:10 pm
Conditions: although it was only in the mid-80s today, the high humidity gave us a hot and sticky day
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat
Me and Lori

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