► Radar Ruse: August 29, 2013

Thursday 29 August 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Point Patience, Patuxent River – Triple L Estate

Prior to departure I put in 5 gallons of fuel. One day I hope to fill it completely full and see just how long it goes and what kind of fuel efficiency we get.

I originally planned on taking Lori out for dinner at a place we had never been on Solomons Island. A nice change of pace. The sky looked cloudy and dark, so I checked the radar which showed rain south and east of us in the Bay. No problem, it’s not close enough to worry about.

As we head out of Cuckold Creek I noticed a rainbow on the Calvert County side of the river and I thought it must be just a residual from a small cloud.

sky cloudsAs we neared Point Patience, however, I started to feel a few rain drops. Lori began to question whether or not I had truly checked the weather before departure. I assured her I did, and again pulled up the information which still showed no rain in our area. I had hoped the few drops were a fluke but the drops turned into a light drizzle. Finally Lori said she wasn’t dressed for being out in the rain and we decided to return home. We instead went out to dinner by land in St. Mary’s County.

Time: 5:20 pm – 5:40 pm
Conditions: overcast
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat
Me and Lori

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