► Put us to Shame: August 25, 2013

Sunday 25 August 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Tommy and Julie’s, Island Creek – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

We spent last night in DC for a wedding celebration, so Jeff and Kari kept Sophie at their house for the night. This morning we returned home, hopped on the boat, and went for brunch at Tommy and Julie’s house. It was a lovely day. Julie had such a nice spread, with a stunning presentation, that Lori and I told her she had put our brunch to shame.

Kari did show up with Sophie in their little rubber duckie. I wondered how she would do. Jeff ended up staying home as he attempted to recover from his previous day of festivities.

tommy timmyAs soon as Sophie got off the rubber duckie, Sammy started to attack her. I quickly kicked towards Sammy in order to make him stop and to leave her alone. Sophie is just not used to anyone ever attacking her, she doesn’t know what to do. We tried to explain to her that she is so much bigger than those dogs that she should be able to protect herself, but she just didn’t understand.

sophiesammy reggieWe stayed at the brunch for nearly the entire afternoon. I really wasn’t feeling well, still having a bad chest cold, and felt bad for being a bit of a party dud.

Fairly late in the afternoon we headed to Broomes Island. I knew Bob and Stephanie might be there and wanted to say hi. As soon as we tied up at Broomes a woman came up to Lori and said, “Did you go to Friendly High School? You were really into sports, weren’t you?” Lori said yes, but didn’t exactly remember this person. They chatted a bit, and the woman would have been in Mark’s graduating class. She remembered him.

bob stephanie lindaWe found Stephanie and Bob sitting at the bar next to some of our ‘locals’ friends. We talked with them for a while, then Lori wanted to go down and listen to the band, and dance. A bunch of us headed down to the tent and sat at a table. (*the book version may have the full story of events under the big tent*)

A bit later I took Bob and Stephanie over to Double D. As we approached, I saw the Friendly HS woman and pointed her out saying, “There’s the woman that remembered Lori from high school.” Small world – Bob and Stephanie know her. She works at Washburn Marina, where they had spent a lot of time. The woman says, “Are these the people you said you were going to meet for dinner the other day?” Yes, it was. We had a big laugh.

jefffDanny offered his specialty drinks to Bob, which Bob quite enjoyed. When we came out I saw Jeff had finally rolled out of bed and made it to Double D. He was moving fairly slow. Better him than me.

We then noticed a GORGEOUS wood boat pulled up along the wall. Although my first guess would have been to say Chris Craft it was actually a Hacker Craft. Either way, it was BEAUTIFUL. Many people came up to admire it.
honey wood boat
In the late afternoon Stephanie was ready to go home, but by this time, Bob had gotten his groove on. I told him we’d take him back to their boat (in Solomons) if he wanted to stay. Although I think a part of him wanted to stay, I think he knew it would be better if he left.

We stayed until early evening. With as bad as I’ve been feeling all week, I’m surprised we stayed as long as we did. Other than feeling harassed, we had an enjoyable time thanks to meeting with and talking to friends.


Time: 11:20 am – 7:30 pm
Conditions: sunny and hot
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat

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