► Battle Creek: August 17, 2013

Saturday 17 August 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Lens Marina, Broomes Island – Battle Creek – Triple L Estate

LoriLori and I were invited to Cheryl’s River House for a gathering. Originally we planned on taking the fishing boat so we wouldn’t have to worry as much about the depth. Unfortunately, the neighbors asked to use it and Lori had said yes. When we got in the Chaparral I pointed out to Lori the low fuel situation. Had she known, she would have stuck to the plan of using the fishing boat. Just as well, with the big boat it’s a bit warmer at night.

On our way up the river I suggested we stop at Len’s Marina to add a few gallons of fuel. We ended up putting in 15 gallons of fuel in order to be on the safe side. We then continued on up to Battle Creek. Because of her location on a back creek, which is very shallow, she arranged to have us park at a neighbor’s house which is located right at Battle Creek/ Patuxent River. We appreciated being able to have a decent place to park.

crab tableI was very happy to see Betty and Harold show up as I wanted to ask Betty more about the boat she said her father owned and had been donated to Calvert Marine Museum. I thought it was named something starting with a D. She said, no, the boat didn’t have a name but it was a drake tail boat her grandfather built for her father. As soon as she said drake tail I knew EXACTLY what boat she was talking about. I even had a picture of it on my Captain’s Blog from when we had gone to the museum a few days ago. During our visit, of all the boats I saw, that drake tail boat was on the top of the list of ones I’d want to actually ride on.

We of course had a lovely time at Cheryl’s. I was surprised at the variety of people that were there. I wished I could have met more of them, but instead we spent time at the crab table or out playing cornhole.

The ride home was especially dark. The overcast sky hid all the light that might have been offered from the moon and stars. As a result, we went VERY slow on our way home since you don’t want to go any faster than you can see.

Engine Hrs: 505.1 – 506.7 Time: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Conditions: nice, comfortable, slight overcast
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Me and Lori

panarama: Battle creek and Patuxent river

panarama: Battle creek and Patuxent river

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