► Osprey Landing: August 5, 2013

Monday 5 August 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons area – Triple L Estate

Piliated Woodpecker

Piliated Woodpecker

This morning I was blessed with a Pileated Woodpecker sighting. A rare site, indeed. By mid-afternoon I started to get a bit bored, and decided to go out on the river to see what I could see. I headed towards Solomons and decided to try and get a photograph of the Osprey family with three babies. When I arrived I noticed that the parents seemed to be giving the young flying lessons
ospreyospreyThe Ospreys were doing, what I call, touch and go landings and take-offs. When they relaunched after their touch down they would swoop down and glide around to try again, often flying rather close to my boat. I didn’t worry too much as: a) I drifted a safe distance away, 2) I had the metal bars of the t-top surrounding me, 3) the parents were not squawking in alarm, 4) they weren’t hunting prey but instead were only flying, and 5) if they had been hunting I was far too big, AND out of water.
osprey 1
I enjoyed the graceful display of flight practices until one osprey swooped at the boat and attempted to land on the t-top. As soon as I heard it’s talons on the canvas top I kicked the boat into full throttle in order to push, or scare, it off. After that I realized, maybe I ought to be a bit further away from their nest.









I then decided to head back towards home. As I crossed under the bridge I noticed a large, unique vessel coming down river. Wanting to have a look, I waited until it passed Point Patience and then rode parallel to its trajectory. Once I had a nice look, I again thought about returning home. During this ride I had turned on the VHF, mostly to determine if it still worked. It did. As I listened I heard someone hail Calvert Marina. It sounded as though the person had a French accent. I wondered if that meant a large foreign vessel had entered Solomons and headed back towards the island to have a look.

sunk sailboatI was disappointed to see that nothing spectacular, or unusual, had arrived. I turned around and finally headed towards home. I had almost reached our cove when I noticed what looked like a half sunken sailboat in one of the finger coves. I made a slight detour to have a closer look. If I remember correctly, this is the same boat that had sunk last year which had been pumped out and made afloat… obviously the afloat aspect did not become a permanent feature of this vessel. I wonder if they will let it rot in the water or again attempt to salvage it.


Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Conditions: fairly calm, slight chop
Vessel: 23 ft Seaway fishing boat


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