► River Exploration: August 4, 2013

Sunday 4 August 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons area – Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Mill Creek, Calvert County – Triple L Estate

Far Horizons, Road Harbour

Far Horizons, Road Harbour

Far Horizons, Road Harbour

Far Horizons, Road Harbour

I went out for a morning ride. Why? Because I could. It was rather windy, and once I entered the Patuxent I noticed a LOT of rough water, especially up-river from Point Patience – whitecaps covered the river from shoreline to shoreline.

I’m so glad I did. I headed towards Solomons to see if Impetus was still at Solomons. As I entered Solomons Island channel I noticed that although Impetus has departed, a different large vessel had docked at the marina. Again, I passed by quite slowly in order to admire its grandeur.

far horizons yacht flagAlong the side it read Far Horizons, a Cheoy Lee 95. I had never heard of this type of boat before, but then again, it has been a while since I’ve last been yacht shopping. As I always try to do, I checked out its stern to see where it hailed from and what flag it flew. Far Horizons hails from Road Harbour, for which I am unfamiliar, and flew the same flag as Impetus flew. Interesting. I hadn’t even known British Virgin Islands and now two in less than a week.

According to the web site basic specs include:
LOA: 96 ft 6 in
Beam: 22 ft
Draft: 5 ft 10 in
Engines: Twin Cat C32, Acert, 1700 bhp each
Gensets: Twin Onan 40kw, 60Hz
Fuel: 5,200 USG
Water: 600 USG
Designer: M.G. Burvenich, Inc.
Disp: 202,800 lbs
osprey pairosprey
On my way home I slowed down in order to see if all three babies could be seen with its parents. No luck. I wonder if the babies still live at home. I then noticed that one of the ospreys had a freshly caught meal in its talons.

osprey familyI do enjoy seeing successful osprey pairs. It indicates a healthier Bay.

When I returned home I noticed our resident osprey family lined along the tree top. What a treat. A sight I quite likely may never see again. I do hope they return next year, and the parent pair again nests in the treetop. (Let’s hope the tree stays standing so that they have a home to return to.)

Once the young-uns crawled out of bed, we decided to go out for breakfast … technically, almost lunch. We decided to go to Kingfishers in order for Kelsey to get a crab cake.

I let Jordan captain from the very beginning of our journey. I warmed him it would be rough, and then talked him through the captaining journey. He did fairly well, for being a newbie with these types of seas.

I had hoped to show Jordan and Kelsey the large yacht. Unfortunately, Far Horizons no longer sat docked at the marina. DRAT!

coast guard auxWe passed the Coast Guard Auxiliary leaving Solomons as we entered. I have considered volunteering as an auxiliary supporter. I wonder what it would require.

sail boatWe then saw the Rhode Island sailboat, with the massive mast and boom, leaving its slip. Quite a few people sat on-board. I wondered if they are going out for the day, or going out for good. Perhaps back to Rhode Island, or further south towards warmer weather. I would love to see this vessel under sail.

flagsWe carried on to Kingfishers for brunch. As we cruised along, in the back creek, we pointed features out to Kelsey. As we neared the oyster house I pointed out that the wood skiff was gone. Jordan asked who was going to dock, and I said he could give it a try. It helped not having to maneuver with the skiff nearby. He did very well. Although his first attempt could have been salvaged, he choose to give it another go.

kelsey jordan fire boatsAfter brunch, we headed out towards home. Jordan wanted to get a closer look at the fire boats so we headed into Mill Creek. Jordan asked if I had ever been back this way. I said, Yes, many many years ago. If he wanted to we could go back in and check it out. He liked that idea. I’m glad we did, I had forgotten that there is so much water back there!!! It went on and on and on, amazing us all. So many things to compare – dock shacks on or adjacent to the water, covered slips, home styles and sizes, number of steps from pier to house, landscaping, and who has ramp to water capability.
fire boats

boat garage launchlove shack

river housejordan house

After a long tour of the back waters of Mill Creek, we headed for home. Again we encountered rough water, only worse, as we had to travel head into the wind and waves. Rough rough ride, with Jordan at the helm.

dangerous boatingAs we entered Clarkes Landing channel we saw this moron roaring out of Cuckold Creek with a bunch of people on the bow – some of them STANDING. Jordan and I both stared at the stupidity. Jordan shook his head and couldn’t believe someone would have people like that on the bow, especially with the rough seas they were about to encounter.

As we scooted down Cuckold Creek, I noticed Coastal Spirits coming our way. Buzz recognized me and gave a beep beep on his horn. He had a party going on in his vessel. Good for them.

Coastal Spirits, Hollywood, MD

Coastal Spirits, Hollywood, MD

Jodan then brought the boat into its slip with skill.

Time: 8 am – 9:10 am; 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Conditions: windy and rough water, far more rough north of Pt. Patience with lots of white-capping throughout the river
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat

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