► Redneck Skiing: July 27,2013

Saturday 27 July 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Cuckold Creek – Triple L Estate


terry loriterry big easy

We started the day of boating without Chloe. No surprise – she was not feeling well this morning. Being the ever so understanding people that we are, we continued to remind her that we tried to make her stop at two crushes last night.

Terry went first trying to get up on the Big Easy slalom ski. He had a difficult time keeping the ski in front of him in order to take off. After a few futile attempts he needed a rest. Jordan then pulled out the knee board as we figured that will far easier for everyone to learn.

In order to show how the kneeboard works, Jordan volunteered to go first. He did very well, especially since he hasn’t been out on the kneeboard at all this summer. He did so well, actually, that he began to show off by doing 360s. Very impressive.
jordan kneeboardjordan kneeboardjordan kneeboardredneck kneeboardDuring his ride, we noticed that the board started to come apart at the seams. We returned to the house in order to duct tape it together. Nothing much more redneck than duct tape.
thelma kneeboard
thelma kneeboardthelma kneeboardthelma kneeboard

After completing repairs we again headed out onto the water. The boat consensus nominated Thelma as the next person to be pulled around behind the boat. She did quite well on the kneeboard, and certainly seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, our redneck repair did not hold up and we had to give up on the kneeboard.

Lori decided she wanted to give the HO a try. She worried that her sore shoulder may prevent her from actually getting up. Into the water she jumped and floated out behind the boat. She noticed that the ski bar was broke. I asked if she wanted to come in, but she decided to give it a try. She swung the ski around and held up the tip. She yelled up to Terry, “Now THIS is how you hold up a ski.”

lori hoShe did get up with ease on the first pull – and looked good while doing it. When she finished, she said that it was the easiest, gentlest pull she had ever had.
lori ho
When she wiped out she planned on trying again. When the ski rope came around, however, she noticed that the ski bar had broken even more. This time, however, there were sharp pieces sticking out and we decided it was too dangerous to use. We returned home after a fairly full day of fun.

Engine Hrs: 487.3 – 489.0
Conditions: warm, pleasant
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

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