► We’re Not Like Most People: July 21, 2013

Sunday 21 July 2013

boatWe FINALLY launched the little sea skiff today. Prior to launching we added 5 gallons of gas (with mixture of 100:1 oil) to the existing ¼ tank of fuel. Jordan and I left Forest Landing and planned on going out riding to burn up some of the old gas. As we neared Blackstone Marina we noticed a ski boat heading towards our cove. Thinking it might be someone coming to visit our house, I headed to our cove. From a distance I thought it might be Adam. Once we reached our cove we saw that they had come to look at Miss Elly’s house which is for sale.

Captain JordanJordan and I turned around and headed back out. We went as far as Solomons Island area to see if any sailboats might be going out for regatta. The only boat of interest was the DNR Police exiting the Solomons channel. I worried, slightly, that we might be stopped, but instead it sped out towards the bay.

Since we planned on going to Broomes in the afternoon, I decided to return home. At this point I let Jordan take the helm. The little sea skiff is a lot more tippy feeling, sensitive to movement and weight distribution in the boat, and definitely affected by wave action. The sensitivity of the boat makes captaining a great deal more daunting and entertaining at the same time. Almost intimidating for someone not accustomed to boating, especially such a small vessel.

Journey II: Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate
Engine Hrs: 484.1 – 484.9 Time: 3:20 – 6:00 pm
Conditions: cloudy, rain
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

downpour rainWe planned on going up to Broomes Island to celebrate Cindy’s birthday. As we walked to the boat it had begun to sprinkle. I didn’t worry, thinking it a brief passing shower. Just as we boarded the boat the clouds opened up into a downpour of rain! We stood under the bimini which provided a bit of shelter. We certainly didn’t want to try to make a run for the house as we would have gotten soaked before getting off the pier. We stood there, all dressed up and nowhere to go.

cloudsAfter about 20 minutes the rain had subsided enough that we decided to go ahead and head up river. We expected to actually run into the storm again as it also moved up river. As we rounded Half Pone Point and headed north, I said to Lori, “Most people wouldn’t go out with weather like this.” Lori’s response, “We’re not like most people.”

storm cloudsWe did see some clear sky with beautiful clouds, but we also saw some ominous dark clouds. A light sprinkle of rain continued to fall as we traveled up river. I wanted to look out over the window to see, however, the light rain felt like pellets stabbing my face. I held a towel up over my face with one hand, driving with the other. I commented that a burka would be really handy at the moment. Lori stood behind me and held the towel for me. If anyone had seen us up close, they’d think we were pirates – more of the Somali type pirate rather than the Arrrr type pirate with a parrot on his shoulder.

Stoney’s had someone performing on the upper deck. He’s the same guy that performed last year and Lori went up to try and help him sing a Tina Turner song. It didn’t go well. (see July 22, 2012 blog entry)

post 5480 capt kariWe quite enjoyed the crowd at Stoney’s. Cindy had quite a turn out of people to celebrate with her. Skippy and Reed were there with their daughter, who we had already met during the winter, and their son. I asked if he were the son that had been born in Ames, Iowa. He was. I then told him I was from Iowa and had gone to college in Ames.

Around 4 it again started to rain. Everyone there took it all in stride, ducking up under the bar or bar umbrellas. We had a lot of fun talking with all sorts of people. Crunching in together looking for a dry spot meant getting even cozier with the clientele.

Lori met a couple currently land locked but have two dogs – labs. When we were introduced I asked where they were from. One finally committed to saying she was from New England while the husband said, “The Quad Cities.” I couldn’t hardly believe it – I asked which one. Ended up being the Illinois side, but I told him I was from Iowa! Small SMALL world.

They are land-locked (as their boat is on the hard) live-aboards, hoteling it with two dogs. We invited them to our home for a home cooked dinner AND bring the dogs for Sophie to play with. Fortunately, they had a card with contact info. The card included a photo of their boat which surprised me. I told them, when I heard they were live-aboards I thought they were on a sailboat, not the boat pictured. They keep a blog, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have cards for my web site/ blog. No matter, I could text or email the info. Excellent. We then let them eat their meal in peace.

double dTedWe continued having fun hanging out with friends. In late afternoon Lori found me, with her phone in hand. She asked if I had noticed the weather. I looked at the radar and we had a line of storms soon approaching. It looked horseshoe shaped about to engulf our area with the only clear area, fortunately, was the direction for home. Whoa – we quickly agreed we needed to scoot on down the river.

We paid our tab, said hasty good-byes, and headed for the boat. As we motored out to the river you could see quite dark clouds bearing down from the north. It felt good knowing we traveled away from, rather than into, the storm in order to get home.
cloudstorm clouds

Journey I: Forest Landing – Triple L Estate – Solomons area – Triple L Estate
Time: 12:30 pm –
Conditions: slightly rough water,
Vessel: 18’ Simmons Sea Skiff replica

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