► Boat Runs Better WITH Gas: July 17, 2013

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Len’s Marina – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

We had Cornhole Tournament tonight and finally had a Wednesday without threats of storms… or having to meet Lori at Urgent Health Care for a swollen, wasp-stung, hand.
clouds bridge
We cruised along rather well, at about 5200 RPM, until I had to slow down due to rough water caused by boat wake. When I tried to crank it back up again, it would only go about 4200 RPM and started to chug a bit as though struggling. When we arrived at Stoney’s I made the comment, “I sure hope our gas gauge is wrong because it is showing EMPTY.” Lori was not amused. Had I noticed, or had she known, we could have added 5 gallons before leaving the house.

lens boatsOnce at Stoney’s I figured we could find someone local that would have a 5 gallon gas can we could borrow to get some fuel. We asked Ted and he, in turned asked his (what we all assume will be) future brother-in-law. He knew he had a can at the house which might have about 4 gallons. Enough to get us home.

After our first game we noticed that we didn’t play again until 7:40. That gave us plenty of time to get over to Len’s Marina for fuel. We hopped on the boat and took off, hoping we had enough fuel to get us around the tip of Broomes Island and over to Len’s. We did make it to the marina, and after a bit, did find the pump tucked along the pier on the left hand side.

We had to walk up to the store to get the key to unlock the pump. At first they wanted us to wait until someone could come down since they worry about people lying about the amount. Lori promised we’d take a video of the pump as proof or our honesty. As we began to pump, an elderly gentleman walked down the pier to assist us. He said, “If they had told me it was two pretty ladies down here alone, I would have come down a lot faster.” He ended up being the original Len of Len’s Marina. A bit of a ‘dirty ol’ man’ that endeared us to him even more. According to him, if you go in asking for Len they’ll ask, “Do you want the young Len or the pretty Len?”

We added 15 gallons. (At $3.95/ gallon for a total of $59.00 – according to Pretty Len) When finished I had to subtly hustle Lori up to the store in order to pay. She kept dawdling in order to listen to Len. I decided in order to expedite the process, I would escort Len to the Marina. As I walked, holding his arm, he asked if I’d walk in front of him so he could watch my wiggle. I pointed to Lori and said, “Her wiggle is much better than mine.”

He ended up regaling me with stories about how he first bought the place – during a drunken stupor at a friend’s house. In fact, the next morning, he wasn’t quite sure whether or not he had bought a marina, or why – since he knew nothing about marinas. That’s when I also found out he’s originally from Michigan. He said he bought the place for $38,000 and when he sold it to his son it appraised for $2.2 million. Not bad. He couldn’t remember when he actually bought it, but said it must have been 40 years ago or so.

sunsetI’m actually quite glad we ended up having to go into the marina. I had NO idea how much stuff was available inside. I was actually quite impressed. I can see us stopping there more often. Seems strange to say “more often” since it infers we ever stopped before. The only time I remember being close to Len’s is a few years ago when we towed someone over to their pier.

The gas gauge registered ¾ tank of gas with the 15 gallons added. It’s amazing how wonderfully the boat ran once it had gas. We returned to Stoney’s with plenty of time to spare between our next match.

I went to the bar, where Jenna worked. As usual we had an open tab for the evening. Jenna said she saw us leave and thought – “What the Heck!?” Later Sweety said she was a bit worried. She had seen Lori talking on the phone and then noticed us immediately hopping in the boat and taking off. She thought something bad had happened and we had to leave. She started to prepare stepping into our slot to play our next match so we wouldn’t have to take a forfeit.


Loved the Shirt Caption

Loved the Shirt Caption

We finished our final match and helped pack away all the boards, chairs, and tables. We then went up to the bar and had one last drink, including the unsweet tea I have been guzzling all evening. Jeannie had shown up with Phil and a few other friends. I chatted a short bit with her. It’s amazing the number of people that are showing up for Wednesday night, not just people playing cornhole but friends who come to watch and visit.

We headed home after sunset, but with enough dusk light to be quite lovely and fairly easy to see. The water was FLAT and the boat ran BEAUTIFULLY. We were so very happy.

Time: 5:30 om – 9:00 pm
Conditions: HOT and HUMID, heat advisory for most of the week
Vessel: 23’ Seaway fishing boat


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