► Happy Birthday America: July 4, 2013

Thursday 4 July 2013
Happy Birthday America

Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Solomons Yachting Center – the Beach – Triple L Estate – Tom and Julie’s – John and Judy’s – Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

You see some very interesting boat names.

You see some very interesting boat names.

Jordan and I first went out to fill up with fuel. En route, Jordan asked if we needed to confirm our evening reservations at Kingfishers. Since he seemed concerned that Eric wouldn’t have been able to take care of it since he’s away for the weekend, I agreed to first ride over to Kingfishers. Although it was before opening hours, we did see people inside and I thought I could go in and talk with Vince. Instead, J came out and met us at the boat with a beer for me. Obviously, Jordan could tell I was a bit of a regular since not only did they know my boat, but they also knew what beer I like, AND would bring it out to me BEFORE the place even opened. I talked with J for a short time to make sure we would be able to hang out at Kingfishers for the fireworks.
sail schoolsail schoollighthouse bowens

oyster museum
rachel carson flag

Once we had filled, we then went to the Beach. I had hoped to meet Cyn’s aunt, who happened to be in town for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, they had gone to a morning holiday parade with the grandkids. We did get to see Lori since she was still working on Paul’s lawn. We stayed for a short time before returning home.


In the early afternoon, Lori and I headed to Tommy and Julie’s house. Both of Tommy’s kids were there. Thomas worked at talking Tommy into putting the jet ski in the water so he could take it out for a ride. I called Jordan and told him he should bring the 3-D jet ski up and he can go out riding with Thomas. Although it was Jordan’s second solo ride, this would be his longest ride. Not to mention, there would be a lot of boats on the water due to the holiday. Of course I worried. I was sooooo happy when I finally saw him ride up. I was actually impressed he found his way. Jordan had the opportunity to eat while Tommy and Thomas launched their jet ski. Jordan and Thomas then took off for the afternoon.

henry jeff jenna
Jeff showed up and had brought Jenna with him from Stoney’s. She was out and about enjoying the day off on a holiday no less. I had to make fun of her boating in her high-heeled wedges.jenna

trimaran flags
It started to get fairly late in the afternoon and we still needed to go to John and Judy’s. John and Judy’s party had a LOT of people. So many, that it was difficult to even talk with John and Judy. Since it was getting so late, we left fairly soon after arriving. We then swung by home in order to pick up Jordan and then we headed to Solomons Island. On our way down river the Patuxent was packed full of boats all heading south for the evening.
solomons rescuecoast guard
Not surprising, Kingfishers was packed. Fortunately, we were allowed into the more private upstairs seating area. We saw a flotilla of kayakers and paddle boards paddle into the back area of Kingfishers. Few wore life vests. Not having navigational lights they wore glow sticks around their neck. How is this legal? How can it be allowed that kayakers and paddle boarders can be out without life vests and be on the water without navigational lights and yet jet skis, which require life vests AND have engines AND sit higher off the water cannot be out after sunset? Something is wrong with this picture. Either allow jet skis to put nav lights and run any time OR don’t allow these bozo kayakers and boarders out on the water after dark! Especially since: 1) they sit so low in the water it difficult to see them, 2) they don’t have nav lights, and 3) few of them have a life vest.

As darkness approached, we settled up our bill and headed out to Solomons’ boardwalk to watch the fireworks. It’s the first time we’ve watched the fireworks from the island. Once the fireworks ended, we returned to Kingfishers for a drink in order to allow the bozos on the water to clear out. Lori and Jordan went for ice cream since the line had finally dwindled. Earlier, before the fireworks, it seemed as though the line ran the entire length of the boardwalk.




fireworks boats

fireworks boats

jay vince seanOn our way home we all wore our life vests. As we neared Clarkes Landing I pointed out a boat that didn’t look as though it had on any navigational lights. As we came up behind, and to the side, we noted bow lights, but no stern light. It’s not until after we passed did we see a white light in the stupidest of places, not to mention a bit illegal. It sat perched on the top of the windshield below the fly-bridge, so essentially, the only way to see the white “stern” light is if you were more in front of the boat, but not at all from the stern area. Knuckleheads!

I was happy to finally be safely home.

Engine Hrs: 477.0 – 478.3, 478.3 – 480.4 Time: 9:40 am – 11:40 am, 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Conditions: after a week of rain we finally had a warm day full of bright sunshine
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

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