► Broomes Island Boat Docking Contest: June 23, 2013

dark skydark skySunday 23 June 2013
Docking Contest

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – the Boyz – Triple L Estate
Engine Hrs: 475.7 – 476.9 Time: 11:10 am – 9:15 pm
Conditions: super supermoon
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Jordan, Lori, Kristine

We had a morning filled with rain and a very dark sky. Knowing that the Docking Contest must go on, we planned on going to Stoney’s, rain or shine. The rain storms didn’t have high winds or lightning, so we pulled out the foul weather gear and put it on the boat.

We continued to have a sky filled with dark clouds as we left the house. Rounding Clarkes Landing and entering the Patuxent River we looked up river and saw nothing but dark rain clouds. I said, “It looks like it’s raining at SeaBreeze, if no there, definitely at Drift Inn.” We, fortunately, did not encounter rain before reaching Broomes Island.

Upon arrival we found our reserved slip – a sign with our name on it, AND the only sign that also had big ‘ol heart drawn on it. Awwww, sweet. We wondered if the Boyz would notice and be jealous that they didn’t get the love.

We tied up. Bow out, which is the first time Jordan experienced this type of type up with us. He stood at the bow and quickly jumped to as we barked orders at him on what he needed to do. Lori and I were actually quite impressed with how well he did. Before leaving the boat, we zipped up all the foul weather gear as we expected more rain.

barry rick jordan ericJulie came to pick us up and take to her house for morning, pre-party cocktails. I expected a few more people. Had I known we would be the only ones, I would have stayed at Stoney’s. While there Tommy said, “Dogs got themselves a groundhog.” Looked out window to see Sammy and Reggie attacking, eventually killing, a groundhog. I, personally, was quite impressed.

We sat at the bar, occupying the entire front rail area. Prior to contest, some people were standing at the rail which would effectively block our view. Lori told them that they would have to move as we paid $50 per seat for this area. I also added that I needed a clear view as I was the official photographer. They did move. Lori saw them go to someone on staff and point towards us. She suspects they were complaining that we told them to move. Lori just smiled thinking – Go ahead and talk to the owner of the establishment, for all we care, and see how far that gets you.

We had a lot of fun, and many of our friends, the Stoney’s “regulars”, came to sit with us. Perhaps that’s why we get good seats as Jeannie knows we’ll let the regulars come join our area. Jordan recommended in the future putting a high security velvet rope on either end to regulate access into the area.


dork hats eric

ernie marlene

miss mary

The day stayed gray for a large portion of the afternoon, with one brief patch of light rain. Later in the afternoon the sky cleared up into a BEAUTIFUL day.

dark sky boatblue sky boat

hard to handle

next generation


4553 miss julie
4556 miss julie

juliejordan sunglasses
lori jordan kristine

ted with ladiesvoo doo tshirt

same little puppy as seen in May 27 post

same little puppy as seen in May 27 post

After the contest, I went to find Lori and saw her at the Boat Bar. I went down to see what she’s up to. Jordan came running up to ask if he could go with the Boyz to their house and we could pick him up later. That was fine, as long as he was careful, and away he went.

henry jeff karirick

We traveled across the river and ended up having dinner with the Boyz.

We left at what turned out to be the PERFECT time as the super SUPERMOON began to rise as we traveled down river. It was clearly visible right after it rose for about 15 minutes before slipping behind clouds. GORGEOUS!!!!!

super moon

sunsetcapt lori sleeping

Elaina Scott
Belinda Jean
Fabricator in the Rain
Next Generation
Elaina Scott (2)
Miss Mary
Hard to Handle
Next Generation team
Elaina Scott team
Spirit team
Belinda Jean team
Hunter team
Next Generation shoot-out
Miss Mary shoot-out
Hard to Handle shoot-out

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