► Life Changes: June 16, 2013

Sunday 16 June 2013 – Father’s Day

Journey: Triple L Estate – Tommy and Julie’s – Triple L Estate

Julie invited us to their house for the afternoon. I had forgotten it was father’s day when I accepted the invitation. I’m glad we went as I met Julie’s dad – Bob, sister – Susan, and aunt – Linda as well as Tommy’s son – Thomas.

When we first arrived it looked as though no one was home, so we were going to turn around and go to Stoney’s … but then we did see movement near the pool. They had gotten a cooler full of crabs, so Jordan sat right down and began picking. Tommy’s son is about the same age as Jordan so they sat at the table chatting and picking crabs.

The Boyz were at Stoney’s so Julie convinced them to come over. Originally, Thomas and Jordan went, via golf cart, to go get them but by the time they got to Stoney’s the Boyz had already left.

seal team 1

I hadn’t brought many beers, and shared what little I had with Julie’s aunt. When the Boyz arrived, beer quickly ran out. I offered to go to Stoney’s to get more, and asked Jeff to take me in his rubber duckie. Being the wonderful person he is, he agreed.

Upon arrival at Stoney’s I had the good fortune of seeing Harold and Betty, so I gave them a big hug. I then went inside for service from Jenna. She asked how many beers? I told her, “I’m only going to pay for 10.” She laughed at this notion.

betty harold

Upon my return I found out Barry had blurted out some very inappropriate accusations. What pisses me off the most is that he KNEW it was completely inappropriate, and yet he felt compelled to say it. Well, lesson for me – NEVER trust him. As far as I’m concerned, if you know it’s inappropriate and should not be said, yet go ahead and say it, then that’s simply being malicious. Once spoken, whether true or not, it has been said and the seed of doubt planted.

As it is a Sunday, and I had to work on Monday, we returned home in the early evening.

Engine Hrs: 474.0 – 474.8 Time: return Triple L Estate at 7:10 pm
Conditions: warm, sunny
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Lori, Jordan, Lori

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