► Southern Maryland Style: June 15, 2013

Saturday 15 June 2013

Journey I: Forest Landing – Cuckold Creek and Mill Creek – Triple L Estate

Time: late morning
Conditions: warm
Vessel: 23’ Seaway

With Sam’s help, and using his truck, we launched at Forest Landing. Unfortunately, we had to wait at the ramp for Bubba Bozos that don’t know proper ramp etiquette. Instead of tying their boat to the side of the ramp and going to get their trailer, they would block the ramp with their boat while they walked up to their vehicle. I just want to thunk these idiots. Even with a sign posted showing proper etiquette they get it wrong… but then again, putting up a sign is assuming they can read.

lori jordan af kween

Once we launched we took it out past Clarkes Landing to Mill Creek. Unfortunately we couldn’t get it past about 3200 RPM. The motor felt sluggish and almost as if it were misfiring. That’s not good. We returned to Triple L where Lori drained a hose. She wanted to take it out again to see if it helped. Jordan rode along while I stayed behind in case I needed to come rescue them. Although they returned without assistance, Lori said the problem persisted. Drat.

Later in the morning, early afternoon, Lori and I, with Jordan’s assistance, launched the two jet skis. He brought the trailer home while Lori and I rode. They ran BEAUTIFULLY!!! We decided to ride to the Beach. As we approached the bridge, I noticed Miss Ellen about to cross under. I got close in hopes of seeing Julie and Tommy on board. No such luck. I did, however, get one really good jump off her wake. We visited for a short time at the Beach before returning home.

Journey II: Triple L Estate – Sea Breeze – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs: 472.8 – 474.0      Time: 3 pm – 5:20 pm
Conditions: warm, sunny, smooth water
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

By the time we returned from taking the jet skis out I was quite hungry. We cleaned up a bit and then headed out for SeaBreeze. I’ve been wanting their fried chicken basket for a few weeks now and finally, today, we planned on going for a late lunch at SeaBreeze.

As we passed the Boyz’ house we saw their boat still on the lift, even though they said they planned on going to Broomes. We had a lovely meal at SeaBreeze. Being at SeaBreeze meant also gambling – southern Maryland style… KENO. Both Lori and Jordan played numbers but combined only won $8. Not good for a $40 investment.

jordan keno

Serious speakers

Serious speakers

classic car

On our way home I noticed the Boyz’ boat STILL on the lift. I asked Lori if she wanted to stop. She said no, instead we could go to Broomes. I told her I’m fine with just going home. She was delighted to hear that, so home we went.

oyster crab boat

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