► Dog Day: May 27,2013

Monday 27 May 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Club Billings, Hallowing Point – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

skip jack 3703

We decided to again make our way towards Club Billings. One major reason I wanted to go up river is because Lester had told us a restored skip jack had docked at the River’s Edge in Benedict. We had a pleasant, smooth ride up river. If it hadn’t been for the other boats the water would have been like glass.

skip jack

We first went to River’s Edge to check out the skip jack. We later learned the name of the skip jack’s name was: Caleb W. Jones from Mt. Victoria, MD. (see below) Unfortunately, it sat tucked into the pier area rather than moored at the end so we couldn’t get too close. After looking at what little we could see we went across the river to Club Billings.

Bryan and Rodney were there, for Bryan’s birthday, as well as Joe and Teresa. It was quite nice to see everyone. Prior to leaving we did get to also see Shayne and the Mad family. I do like seeing the Mad kids at least once each summer. Colleen and Rita have grown a lot since I last saw them, and Sierra is looking so much more grown up.


Bryan with Neices and Nephew

shayne 3739

Before the day completely slipped away from us, we headed down to Stoney’s, Broomes Island, for something to eat. Quite the party atmosphere was happening at Stoney’s. My favorite spot was occupied, so we had to find a slip in which to dock.

go fast wave 3749

The Boyz were already there, and had been for HOURS. Julie and Tommy had arrived shortly before us, and we finally saw Jeff, Kari, and Henry. Missy was here, from Minnesota, for the weekend. We also saw Cheryl and Krissy, who came down from Baltimore. It didn’t take long to realize that Sweety was no longer around and instead Sweaty had taken over. I hadn’t seen Sweaty in action before… and it was certainly an interesting thing to witness. I also got to meet Ted’s mom, and sister, as well as Missy’s daughter.

By the time we arrived, Eric was essentially ready to go home since they had been there since about 1 or so. I told him he definitely had come WAY TOO EARLY. He totally agreed.

ted mom missy 3770

ted missy family

We hung out mostly down by the boat bar to listen to the band under the tent.

Jeff Henry

Although Sophie started out as behaving her usual stunning self, towards the later afternoon she started to act really funny. First, she started to freak out when she had to step from the paver stones to the wood deck. The inch wide crack seemed to scare her. Instead, I would have to walk her around the boat, into the grass, through the pebble stones, and then onto the decking. Later when we moved up to the upper bar she again freaked out and hated having to go up to the bar area. We wondered if perhaps she had been over stimulated with all the people, dogs, music, etc.

Since it was getting late, and because of Sophie acting weird, not to mention many others were also leaving, we decided to go home. The ride home was gorgeous. FLAT water, like glass. It was the anti-ride from yesterday.

baby puppy 3781Engine Hrs: 467.7 – 469.5           Time: 1 pm – 7:40 pm
Conditions: sunny; warm; FLAT water, if it hadn’t been for the boat traffic it would have been like glass, very overcast all day
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Lori, Sophie, Kristine

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