► A Delightful Evening: May 11, 2013


Journey: Triple L estate – Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

3541 bridge clouds

Weather forecasts called for rain throughout the day. We invited Club Billings down to simply hang out for the day. They accepted the invitation. We had a lovely afternoon watching small rain bursts pop up and quickly disappear.

3548 wm b tennysonBy 5-ish, it looked as though the day of rain had passed. Tom my surprise, Lori recommended we go out, by boat, for dinner. Of course we all agreed and decided to go to Kingfisher’s. The place was PACKED! Lori suspects we had preferential seating ahead of other people who had been waiting for quite some time. Because of the dogs, we had to sit outside. The dogs ended up behaving very well!!!

After diner, Lori decided we needed to get ice cream… especially the dogs since they had been so good. The ice cream kiosk was closed so we ended up next door at Bunkey’s … which was also very busy. We all enjoyed our desserts before finally heading home.

3556 dee of st marys

Hrs: 463.5 – 464.4 Time: 6 pm – 9 pm
Passengers: Lester, Marcia, Dixie, Lori, Sophie, Kristine

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