► If you have to go to a wedding, it’s better to go by boat: April 6, 2013

6 April 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Holiday Inn – Triple L Estate

Beth Ann’s wedding – if you’re going to go to a wedding it’s best if you can go by boat

Today was Beth Ann and Brendan’s wedding held at the catholic church at Solomons. We had asked Eric if we could dock at Kingfishers for the day, and of course he said yes. When we arrived at Kingfishers Eric scolded us for missing the Solomon’s High Heel race they had this morning. I had forgotten all about it, otherwise, I might have come over to watch the antics. Eric said they had a lot of participants – which had to be men – in the race. I told him that goes to show that southern Maryland has a lot of drag queen wanna-bes.

Tickled Pink

We dressed nice for the wedding. When we headed over to the island we had no intentions of staying late. Certainly, we expected to be home around sunset. Once again, so very wrong. Fortunately, we have gotten into the habit of turning on the dock lights even when we expect to be gone for only a few hours

brendan bethann


Although the wedding ceremony was held at the new church area, the reception was held at a building adjacent to the old church. The front lawn area overlooked the water and Kingfisher, hence our boat. I noticed that as people stood in the lawn to have pictures taken, often our boat sat in the background. Cool.

Notice Kingfishers and our boat in the background

Notice Kingfishers and our boat in the background

At least a half a dozen people said to us, “Wouldn’t it have been faster for you to come by boat?” At which point we’d say, “We did, our boat is that one over there.” I think from now on, if I have to go to a wedding, I’ll only go if I can go by boat. (Ok, there are a few people I might travel by land for, but VERY few.)

Princess Ayla showing off her fancy shoes

Princess Ayla showing off her fancy shoes

Once the reception came to a close, Lori offered to take Steve’s family to the hotel, Holiday Inn, by boat. Steve, Hannah, Garret, and Kerry accepted. I asked Kerry to stand on the transom to assist people with getting onto the boat. As he stood there he informed me that he doesn’t know how to swim. I promised him that if he fell in I would jump in after him. Once all were aboard we had a lovely, slow ride to the hotel. As Steve said, riding by boat is far better than taking the shuttle van.

Once at the hotel, Steve asked if we’d join them at the hospitality room. We agreed. Unfortunately, the hospitality room was locked when we arrived. We decided to instead simply return home. Just as we stepped into the lobby we saw a large group of wedding revelers entering, so we turned around and headed back up to the hospitality room. We had a drink or two with family before finally departing for home.

Our first night ride home.

Engine Hrs.: 452.3 – 453.8
Time: 12:50 pm – 9:30 pm
Conditions: sunny; warm in the sunshine
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

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