► Only for the Hardy: March 30, 2013

Saturday 30 March 2013

Journey: Triple L Estate – the Beach – Triple L Estate

It was a decent enough day to consider going out on the boat. It was almost a bit of a challenge as we had not been out on the water yet in the month of March. One of the big reasons for that is I just returned from five weeks of travel overseas.

We cruised along fairly nicely. As we approached Point Patience I noticed a boat that appeared to be coming right at us. As we passed it came in behind us on our starboard side and road in our wake as if trying to surf. After a short while it moved to directly behind us. I said, “That’s fine, as long as he stays back a safe distance.” Well, the bozo did not stay a safe distance and instead kept getting closer and closer. Too close! It almost felt as though we were being chased by pirates who might want to board our vessel.

2753 bozo boater crop

I asked Lori to take the helm so that I could take some photos of the bozo. I was so relieved when we finally crossed under the bridge and turned towards the beach. Fortunately, bozo continued on towards Solomons.

When I turned back around I didn’t see Sophie and became slightly concerned. I asked Lori, “Where’s Sophie? She didn’t fall out did she?” We both had a bit of momentary panic until we finally spotted her safely in the boat. I figured we probably would have heard a splash if she had fallen out.

march ride the beach crop

We tied up at the Beach. P thought we were insane to boat in weather where you had to bundle up in winter clothing. What can I say? He’s obviously much softer. We chatted with them for a few hours before finally returning home. I wanted to make sure we went home before the evening chill came upon us which would have meant an extremely cold ride home.

Conditions: cool, sunny
Vessel: 23 ft. Seaway

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