► A Fine Finish: December 31, 2012


Journey: Triple L Estate – creek cruise – Triple L Estate

We had invited people to come over for the afternoon to watch Iowa State play in the Liberty Bowl. A requirement, however, was that they would be expected to cheer for Iowa State. Unfortunately, Iowa State lost – oh well, at least they were in a Bowl game. Late in the game, Sam and Kathy finally arrived after having traveled to Richmond in the morning. After the game, Lester and Marcia, who had stayed for the entire game, headed towards home.

It looks like the ride of the night time zombies

It looks like the ride of the night time zombies

As Lori and I sat talking with Sam, Kathy and Caitlyn, all of a sudden out of nowhere Lori says, “We should take the boat out for a New Year’s Eve ride.” I thought she was joking at first, but she was serious. Of course, Sam loved the idea. ‘Sure, why not,’ I thought. Sam called John, their son, to see if he wanted to join in the festivities. As we waited for him we found clothes for Caitlyn to bundle up. Once John arrived we put the boat in the water. We all wore life vests, except maybe Sam, including Sophie. I let Sam take the helm for the entire journey, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Notice how we all wore our life vests – except Sam.

We simply cruised around in the back areas of Cuckold Creek in the hopes of maybe seeing some Holiday lights, without much luck. After about an hour we returned home, which John was happy to hear since he hadn’t bundled up adequately enough and was FREEZING.

Time: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Vessel: 23’ Seaway
Conditions: Dark and fairly bitter cold, no wind, calm water

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