► Bras off – Pants down: September 3, 2012

Monday 3 September 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – St. Leonards Creek – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

When we first left home, Lori turned the dock lights on saying, “Just because I’m turning them on does not mean I want to be out late. I actually want to be home before sunset.” I agreed. Famous last words.

We first went up St. Leonard’s Creek, as far as Vera’s, in the hopes of finding and seeing Vicky and Jerry. We hoped they might have anchored for the night. We packed a cooler of drinks in preparation of being social. We had no luck in finding them.

post bay clouds

As we cruised back down St. Leonard’s Creek I looked at the doplar radar which showed approaching storms. I asked Lori if she wanted to go home and sit them out or head to Broomes. She said, “Oh, let’s go to Broomes and sit it out there.” Ok, to Broomes we went. Much to my delight, the inside wall had a vacancy which allowed us to tie up in my favorite spot.

When we first arrived it seemed completely dead. We figured the nasty weather forecasts probably kept a lot of people home. Little did we know what was in store for us. We first sat down at the boat bar talking with Eric and Vince. I happened to be standing along the wall as a mature gentleman arrived alone in a small boat so I offered a helping hand. Once he finished securing the vessel he joined us at the bar and said he had just seen dolphins in Cuckold Creek! Way cool! Lori hoped they’d still be around when we headed towards home.

We eventually made our way to the upper deck bar to say hi to Jeannie. Krissy informed us that they now have a new boat, a 17 ft. Sea Pro. EXCELLENT boat for scootin’ around the river! As we stood at the bar, chatting, surprise surprise, somehow the topic of breasts came up. Lori told Tommy that if he followed her to that boat bar she would show him some breasts, then turned and headed down the ramp. In his exuberance Tommy leaped over Julie, causing her drink to splash all over her.

Later in the afternoon, Krissy and I walked back down to the boat bar. She asked about what boat we came in and I pointed to our bow-rider. She seemed absolutely STUNNED! I can’t believe she didn’t know we had the bow-rider. She got on the boat and was absolutely flabbergasted. When I showed her the head and all the storage area she kept saying, “Are you f-ing kidding me?” I don’t know why she was so stunned.

At some point in the afternoon, the impending storm ended up being a very light rain. So light, however, that it didn’t even clean our boat.

Double D sat parked along the wall and had its usual parade of people boarding to partake in a nip of moonshine. When Jeff prepared to board, I boldly invited myself to join in the festivities. The three flavors offered included: lemon, tangerine, and apple-cinnamon. I tried the tangerine and apple-cinnamon.

As the evening progressed a lot of us ended up sitting along the wall – including Kari, Julie, Missy, Lori, and myself. We were still there as they began to close up the bars. While sitting there, for some reason, Missy took her bra off and threw it in the water. In a show of solidarity, Kari followed suit throwing her bra in the water. I jokingly nudged Julie and said, “You’re next.” Soon, to my surprise, she did get up and throw her bra in the water. Lori and I both wore swim suits, otherwise I’m sure our bras would have also ended up in the water.

Once the boat bar closed shop, Vince came over to say good-bye. Lori happened to be near him and grabbed at his shorts in an attempt to pull them down. He stood there with legs far apart making it difficult. Instead, Lori reached up and started pulling down on not only the waist band of his shorts, but also at his underwear. This made him jump and try to scurry away but Lori went after him. He lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder. Not giving up, she continued to grab at his shorts, trying to push them down from her position of being slung over his shoulder. He quickly set her down and took off for safer grounds.

Now that the bars had closed down, people had no way of replenishing their drinks. Fortunately, we had a small cooler of drinks which we brought out and offered to those in need. After a while we decided we had to go home because of Sophie. We arrived home well after dark – again far later than originally planned.

Time: ~ 2:00 – ~ 10:00 Engine Hrs: 446.3 – 447.5
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider Conditions: overcast, light rain in middle of the afternoon

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